Life and Me!

Thu Apr 01:

I’m punishing to write this poem yo! How come I don’t see the Discover Prompts? Am I not looking in the right place. Maybe they are not doing it this year.

Got the sweetest surprise with my April Monocle issue – A brand new canvas tote. Dee confiscated my other one – this one’s very pretty too. “Attention! Our canvas tote is made in the Bulgarian mountains from the same robust natural cotton used in the Nato nation’s military kit bags – and its produced in line with EU social and environmental standards. Enjoy!” I feel adventurous; like I could take my bag, join the military and be successful. Sweet! Are you getting that vibe too? 🎶 Here I come to save the world. With my canvas bag in tow 🎶 Wouldn’t that be fantastic, if all you needed was love and a canvas bag filled with rainbow colored confetti hearts to make the world a better place for all living things!

Missing a holster for my Piss Off bottle. Several times when I needed it, it was too far away. I will have to design a sexy quick-release holster – or even better, a radial sensor that will beep, so I know to get the bottle ready – Spray Pose! Or even betterer, an automatic spray bottle that hovers over my head. This shit’s gonna be expensive.

Spoke to my brother yesterday – He didn’t want to get off the phone cause he hasn’t spoken to me in so long, not for lack of trying. I can’t wait to see him. Still don’t know when he’s getting out but they are supposed to start giving COVID shots soon and he’s finally going to finish his Business Admin degree 🙂 He said he regrets not going back to school after taking a semester off oh so many years ago.

Birds are chirping on RainbowSun too. I claimed a shirt out of the lost and found and discovered an artist in my ROM mag named Elias Sime! I had a teacher named Mr. Elias in college.

Me Journal Time One to ten scale (10=super duper muy importante) and random questions

  • In a life partner, how important is:
    • Physical beauty? 8 (I might not be reading this right, if I’m attracted to him then he’s physically beautiful right?)
    • Spontaneity? 10
    • Tolerance? (you know I absolutely hate this word – I do not wish to be tolerated! I think I would put Openness here instead and rate it a 10)
    • Sobriety? 10 (why would I want to be with a drunk? Just know your limit!)
    • Playfulness? 8-10 (but I don’t know, I can be playful enough for millions of screaming, snot nosed daycare kids – Although I don’t think that’s what playfulness means here. I definitely don’t want to be with someone who takes himself too seriously. I’ll laugh him out of the relationship.)
    • Ambition? 5 (be happy with whatever it is you’re doing and if you’re not, have the guts to change it – Otherwise don’t fuckin’ bellyache about it all the time. Change it or shut-up and die).
    • Wealth? 5-7 (he doesn’t need to be b/millionaire wealthy but he has to be good at managing his money and not in a miserly way)
    • Cleanliness? 10 (please shower and do not leave your shit all over the place. Both are grounds for dismissal)
  • How do you prefer your coffee – black mostly and other times with lots of sugar and cream
  • Have you seen a shooting star I think so. Once or twice maybe.
  • Do you usually remove the labels from your clothing – Only if they’re itchy – if they leave me alone, I leave them alone.
  • Did your parents care if you swore around them – I would never!!! Growing up, I just knew that’s unacceptable. It’s like I was born with that knowledge … swear in front of your parents if you’re brave and see what happens to you. I don’t even think it ever crossed my mind. Even now, the most I’d say as an adult is, “shit.”

I go play AC and put on a horror movie that I’ve seen before cause I won’t be paying attention cause I’m playing AC.

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