Life and Me!

Sun Jan 3

I rested on my laurels and crushed them! (I don’t know why I like that saying so much.)

Yeah … so I ordered a bunch of stuff on Amazon, but I forgot to change my address – Shit showed up in London! UGH! By the time I realized it was too late for me to address it (get it! lol!). Now I have to wait for the items to go back to Amazon before getting my refund and reordering! I wish Amazon would remind me to change my address like Uber/UberEats does! “Hey! You seem far away. Is this where you want your stuff to go?”

The snow is always beautiful when you can admire it from inside!

I spent part of the day cleaning up my many categories in WordPress, and I’m kinda ready to change my blog theme – New year, new theme, new version of self!

New! New! New! 

Fun! Fun! Fun! 

Ho! Ho! Ho! 

Hee! Hee! Hee! 

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Now I kinda don’t want to call “Journal Entry” a “Journal” anymore because I sometimes include all types of random things: course content, mini-stories, shit I learn from wherever that others could benefit from, books to read, mental health stuff, recipes and food and songs and music and movies. 

It’s proving difficult for me to stop when writing and put things in their right post – My brain doesn’t work like that. When I sit to write, I have no idea what will show up even when I know what I want to say. Random shit literally pops into my head! Some word or thought will spark an idea, and off I go – I wasn’t thinking of that before, but I’m thinking about it now! By the time I stop to find the right post to put it in, it could be gone!

For 2021, I came up with new ideas for names:

  1. Life in few words! (but sometimes I have many, and sometimes I have pictures)
  2. Journey (cheesy! ewwww!)
  3. Musings (lots of people have that already) 
  4. See and Say (remember those toys? Ooh! Remember Tamagotchi?)
  5. ThunderSun (I have a story from 2015 that I named this – and I still have a tonne of other stories to put online)
  6. Randomware (too close to ransomware. Not good!)

I went from ~ eight to three categories after the cleanup/renaming event:

  1. RainbowFire – Life and Me! (journaling stuff) – Instead of saying “Journal,” it will be “Life and Me! (maybe)
  2. SugarKiss Twist – Poetry! (which counts as creative, but I don’t want sub-categories, and I’ve written enough poems, and I don’t feel like removing the category right now) – if I keep this category I will change it because I have a weather theme going on right now and this doesn’t fit! Unless … SugarKiss Twister? NO!
  3. ThunderSun – Creative Work!

Or I could do like Zeppelin:

  1. Sam I
  2. Sam II
  3. Sam III

No one is going to understand anything on my site – which means nothing to me! lol! I’m just trying to express myself – I don’t want to sell anything. BUT – I have the little pop-up/hover over descriptions if they stay long enough to read it 🙂 I found a theme that kinda looks like a book but it sucks cause the pages are straight even though they turn, they’re not fluid like a real book.

BTW – I changed my short story collection to MicroBursts – I’m lovin’ that name, which also happens to be a kick-ass weather event. It comes out of nowhere and can cause severe damage – Which describes my thoughts completely! Writing is how I slough off my dark side; or I torment André. Today I threw crumpled paper at his head while he tried to watch a movie. lol! 

“Mom! Go find something to do!”

“I am doing something!” 

I was a Quiet Kid who turned into a Teenage Arsonist, Young Rebellious Anarchist (Teenage Anarchist – Do you still want to set the world on fire? I do!). Then a Quarter Life Crisis Having Creative who is still evolving! Why do some people have a fascination with fire? I’m glad I outgrew mine without causing any damage to people and property! You know the story about the fire investigator guy that was a serial arsonist, somewhere in California? I think he was a pyromaniac. Maybe! Is there a water equivalent to an arsonist?

I love the word maybe because it leaves you open to possibilities – Although, according to André, my maybe means no.

🎶 I know an old lady who swallowed a fly. I don’t know why she swallowed the fly. Perhaps she’ll die. I know an old lady who swallowed a spider. She swallowed the spider to catch the fly. I don’t know why she swallowed the fly. Perhaps she’ll die … 🎶 I can’t remember what she swallowed to catch the spider but see what I mean! How did I not forget that, and I can’t remember people’s birthdays! There’s something about songs/music in general. I read about it long ago – even patients with Alzheimer’s can remember words to songs.

I need to make time for my Understanding the Brain course that I been talking about since last year!

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