Life and Me!

Wed Jan 13:

Did I tell you about my love affair with Balkan style yogurt? Astro Balkan yogurt is nasty in comparison to Olympic Krema – don’t even waste your time. I figure I shouldn’t have a problem with yogurt cause the bacteria is supposed to eat up all the lactose (i think that’s how it works)

I had a fab convo with our CEO today, my boss, as he does his 1:1 rounds! I am thrilled! I have to organize my notes! Once again, I have that warm and fuzzy feeling that we are moving in the right direction together – Yay! I am very excited that our CTO sent me a note about BPM – that’s right up my alley (FYI – my alley is not dark and scary with garbage and back door restaurant kitchen exits, with cooks taking their smoking breaks and alligators waiting to rob you) I have lots to be happy about! 

Am I too old to still be getting a kick outta Spongebob Squarepants? Well too bad, cause I already am. I used to watch it with the kids, now I’m watching it again with the kids.

Dee bought a new guitar – she finally made the decision after months and months of research! Hooray! 

Ah! That’s why most marriages don’t last – People turn into bears right after the ceremony! They’re smiling now but soon they’ll be Raging Bears!

I pretty much never have to leave the house again – Now PetSmart is using DoorDash to deliver stuff; I can get my booze shipped to me, and I already have my groceries dropped off – what else do I need. Too bad finding a life partner isn’t as easy – that includes mail order brides. Do they have mail order grooms? Interestingly, the guy is the groom, and knowing what the word groom entails, not it’s origins, it seems fitting that maybe the woman should be the groom because she does the grooming in most cases – I don’t hear men talking about changing women, but I hear women talking about changing/grooming men all the time!

I had a meeting with the folks from the SAL program at 8:30 am this morning. I was late because I thought it was just a conference call, but they were using Google Meet, and I didn’t get the invite, so it took a few, and I had to wake up Chris – Who still wants to be a boxer btw. And who is still always taking forever to get his work done – and we are only three days into a five-week program! It’s gonna be hell – I do not have the energy to chase him. AND he is getting paid – I mean, if money isn’t the ultimate extrinsic motivator and he has no intrinsic ones, what will happen to him?

Luckily, soon that will not be my problem to solve cause he’s gonna be 18 in July. (fireworks) I figure realistically I will have to take care of him till 21 or something if he is going to school, but as of July 4, I am NOT legally responsible anymore. Thank you very much! I think that’s cause for celebration – I’ll have my own Independence Day!

Yo! There’s always something to celebrate!

Would you like some sarsaparilla or would you prefer sassafras?

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