Life and Me!

Mon Mar 22:

Matt is 15 today. You counting down my years to freedom with me? I drove out to Krispy Kreme in Scarberia cause he never had their donuts. I owe him dinner – not sure what he’s going to get or when. List of his other gifts:

  • Body/hair stuff from Lush
  • 150$ from André (I don’t know how Dré always has cash on him. The other day he asked me to buy him five money clips. I’m like, “Dude! You only need one!” He tells me he needs five cause he wants to keep the denominations separate. “What?!?!?” That boy don’t make no sense!)
  • 15″ Acer Windows laptop – for schooling NOT gaming
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate
  • Gaming chair w/ footrest (which is a day late)

Soon Dee will know if she has BRCA1 like me, she doesn’t appear to be worried. My doctor said I might have a cyst in my wrist – Boring! I was hoping for a twin. I will know for sure next Tuesday.

I’m wondering if I use idea generation as a form of procrastination? For example, when I talk about illustrating the Frisbee Loner – there’s nothing stopping me from writing, even though I can’t find my character grid. Am I going to use this illustration idea and say, “Leave me alone! Ugh! I can’t write cause I’m learning to art.” I hope that’s not me. Plus, I know exactly what I want to write about Jamie next; I just don’t have the self-discipline to sit. All my writing books say you shouldn’t wait to write, but I’m so used to stuff showing up in my head, that maybe it’s almost effortless – I’ve gotten lazy. I gotta roll up my gym shorts, elbow my grease and get to work. I’m looking forward to the Discover Prompts in April.

I’m saving up to buy a couple of vending machines on RainbowSun. Wouldn’t it be phenomenal if you could get your partner from a vending machine? All shrink-wrapped with general demographics, profession, personality trait stars (openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness, extroversionness, neuroticismness), love language ratings and other miscellaneous stuff like favourite movies genre, outdoors or indoors person, bar or dining room, one master bdrm or two, dark triad and domestic abuser traits score, etc. Then, once you choose, you purchase, unwrap, fill your bathtub with warm water, put your new love, or two, to soak for twenty-four hours and there you have it! The love of your life!

So … I’m thinking about all the things I could eat if (when) I go back to being vegan. Now I’m looking at Animal Crossing with new eyes. (My recent dreams have been very elaborate BTW). I dusted off my Rawlicious at Home cookbook by Angus Crawford and Chelsea Clark – It hasn’t been out in years; it’s all grimy on the spine. (It’s not grimy anymore, I just licked it off. My tongue feels funny.) Yuckany! (That’s the new anyhow when you have a bad taste in your mouth.) All recipes are meat, dairy and gluten-free 🙂

FYI – My least favourite nut/seed is the cashew.

“Mom, did you do your workout?”


“Are you sure?”

“No.” I didn’t even get the no out properly before I started laughing.

“Ok. Let’s do it now!” He’s standing in my room all serious-like.

So … I did my strength training with André at around 3:00 pm – It felt great. I always think, “I don’t need to train with a buddy. Buddies are for losers.” We were supposed to play handball, but I fell asleep.

I have to rearrange my costing spreadsheet so it’s easier for me to grab the info our CFO needs. 🎶I get to see my coworkers tomorrow (I wish we could go to a restaurant for lunch). And I got my universal Logitech receiver thingy. 🎶 Not being able to go out for lunch with your coworkers sucks.

Me Journal Time …

  • What disease are you most fearful of contracting? The one where there’s no cure and high mortality rate.
  • How long does it take you to get ready to go out? Anywhere from under thirty minutes to over two hours – depends on if I gotta dress up or not and how dressed up I gotta be.
  • Estimate the number of times you say “I love you.” in a week? Well, I got three kids, so I say it at minimum three times a day, that’s at least twenty one times in a week, but could be three times that too cause I don’t always say it once a day. The ILY word.
  • What is your biggest source of disappointment? I don’t have any. Sometimes I wonder about Daniel, one of my exes. And sometimes I wonder who I would have been if I stayed in NYC with my dad. But I’m not disappointed about any of it. I don’t feel like I missed out. I am right where I need to be right now! Alrighty 🙂
  • How much sleep would you like to average per night? Six hours would be ideal. I can get by on four or two but I think I need six.
  • What part would you most likely play in a band? I’d be backstage somewhere, coordinating shit or setting up/down the equipment for the shows.
  • Your ideal hug would last how long? That depends on who’s hugging me and how I feel at the moment. But I think a hug from the love of my life should last as long as I need it to.

🎶 So long. Farewell. Auf Wiedersehen. Goodnight! Da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da. Da, da, da, da, da, da. 🎶

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