Life and Me!

Sun Mar 21:

I spent ten million point five hours downloading Procreate brushes, canvases and swatches. I decided to download upfront because I hate when I’m about to start a lesson on Bardot Brush then I have to pause to get stuffs.

Got me a new idea on the Frisbee Loner story – I am going to illustrate it, like a children’s book. Isn’t that great!!! I’m doing these character development lessons on BB, and I feel like this is a great way to practice my writing and art – so now, once I find my character grid, I have to think about what all my characters would look like, what they’d wear, how they’d accessorize, etc. I’m having fun with this. Well, I will have fun once I start. Today was mainly prep. I’m supposed to be arting and writing every day (my journal doesn’t count). What am I doing instead … ACing, sleeping, eating, lazying, dancing, tormenting (the kids) – that’s loads of fun for me too, reading.

I didn’t turn off all my news feeds yet, and today, I read article in NYT about rich countries buying up all the vaccines and developing countries don’t have access, which may prolong the pandemic.

So, I will buy two more 65″ TV and line them all up next to each other, so Dee, Sabs and I can play AC on a big screen simultaneously. Insane! I know. I’m not really going to do that; it’s just an idea. I usually get the TV first cause I am up early every day. Then the kids will fight over who’s next on the weekends. During the week, no one uses the TV. Hmmm, I think I probably use the TV the most during the week. Sometimes, I will watch a movie or two before going to bed.

I read a PETA article on Animal Crossing today; it made me wonder if I am ready to go back to being vegan. When I think about meat, bacon and oxtail are my favourites, but I can cut it out. I can for sure remove chicken products, and I already started weaning myself off of dairy. Now the kids are cooking for themselves it will be easier for me to focus on me and the environment. I plan not to catch any more fish or insects for the museum, but I will continue to add fossils and artwork.

That’s me today – nobody likes my face paint or bandages but I don’t care – The quality sucks – I had to take a pic of the image cause I still can’t get them off the Switch and YES! I am following the instructions.

I was supposed to get my universal receiver for Logitech devices today. I will have to use my laptop keyboard at work tomorrow.

Sleep tight!

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