Life and Me!

Tue Mar 30:

🎶 Heeeeeey good lookin’. Whaaaaaat ya got cookin’? Hows about cooking something up with meeeeeee? … I got a hot rod Ford, and a two dollar bill, and I know a spot right over the hill. So, if you wanna have fun come along with meeeeeeee. Hey good lookin’, what you got cookin’? Hows about cookin’ somethin’ up with meeeeeeeeeeee? I’m freeeeeeee and ready, so weeeeee can go steady. Hows about savin’ all your time for meeeeeeeeeee? 🎶

My ‘fro under egg outfit! Gotta have the bandage and the rainbow face paint to bring everything together.

I woke up to birds chirping – But that made me know I it was late. I guess I must have turned off my alarm instead of snoozing it. I had a delightful chat with our Business Developer in France. It felt great! It’s so beautiful out that the guys are playing cricket. I don’t recall them ever playing on weekdays – I guess they couldn’t wait to get out.

Well, well, well … The hug/teenage boy repellent is a resounding success! I had to ask Matt if he wanted a hug this morning and he said no! I couldn’t believe it. No wake up hug AND no interruptions from André. I should bottle this for other parents – I’ll sell it as Piss Off – Teen Boy Repellent – You pay for the bottle and the stand if you want it, the water is free.

Disclaimer: Not recommended for use on babies, household pets and plants. For use by adult or child, under the supervision of an adult. If you notice diminished effect, add a few drops of clove, peppermint or tea tree oil until desired result is achieved. All sales are final. Le Elevated Elegant Bottle Stand and essential oils are not included.

I know the stand is in French, English and Spanish but it’s all good. I took a pic of the bottle and traced it – The water looks magical don’t it. I tried making the little bubbles but it didn’t look right. While on my way to the doctor, I saw two bugs on the sidewalk – Pretty sure they were making out. Aren’t their backs pretty – looks like a face or mask or two birds kissing.

Get a room!

My doctor ordered me an ultrasound and I was like, what … then I asked, “How do you know I need an ultrasound, instead of an X-ray?”

“X-rays are for bones and ultrasounds are for soft tissue.”

“Ohhhh!” I feel like I should have known that. But I didn’t and now I do! I hear ultrasound and I think pregnancy. In case you want to read about my condition. My wrist hurts now, she was pushing on it so hard. I also found out that radiologist aren’t legally allowed to discuss findings with you. You must wait for your doctor. I always knew they were not allowed but I didn’t know it was a legal thing.

I had chips and soda for breakfast. Brownies for lunch and gummies for dinner. The night is still young!

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