Life and Me!

Wed Apr 07:

Is it just me or are cherry blossom petals really hard to net!?

My back is on fire again and I only missed one , or two, chiro appointments. This saturday I will be going for chiro at 9:00 am then massage at 10:15 am – I plan to hang out in the waiting room for 45 minutes playing Duck, Duck, Goose with the receptionist and other patients. Everyone walking by will stop to watch and secretly be jealous cause they wish they could play too – but they can’t – haha!

Dee calls André dad sometimes because he is so averse to technology. “You’re such a dad.” She’d say. I got a good deal from Rogers, so I figured I’d update the boys’ phones. They both have the 6 – Matt can’t wait but Dré, “I don’t want a new phone. I like my phone.”

“But you said the speakers aren’t working.”

“They work good enough and I have headphones.”

“Well. I’m getting a good deal. I did the math. And we have a phone credit.”

“I don’t want a new phone!”

Then Dee remembered she has the 8 that she’s not using because she got the 12, or maybe 11, from work. She didn’t want to give that phone to Matt, cause dude just massacres shit! I could get that boy the strongest case and he will still find a way to end the phone. So earlier this week, I said to André, “Can I borrow your phone for a sec?” Normally he’d hand over his phone but he’s hypervigilant cause he knows I want to upgrade their phones. He looks at me all suspect. “Just a quick sec, I just wanna see something.” He finally gives me the phone, I hand it off to Dee who’s waiting with the 8. She quickly switches the SIM. You should have seen his face. The boy complained for like half an hour.

“This phone is bigger. It doesn’t feel the same. Can I still use my other phone for texts? Can I still get calls on my other phone?” Then he finally settled down when he realized he’ll be able to play games that he can’t on the 6 – whatever games those are.

André: Mom can you make eggs?

Me: No! I’m about to start working.

André: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzz

Me: No!

André: But I’m really tired. (he’s staying up all night playing video games again. So is Matt BTW – All my policing teenage boys energy is used up!)

Me: Then go to sleep

André: But I’m also really hungry.

Me: Figure your shit out. Have a good day!

I go in the kitchen an hour or two later – The eggs and hotdogs are on the counter, no Boy in sight. I call him a couple of times but get no answer. Somewhere between him deciding he was hungry enough to take the stuff out the fridge, he went to lie down on the couch in his bedroom and fell asleep.

There’s a tonne of pork belly and hot pot meats in the freezer – Those guys will finish it. My meals are mad simple now – yesterday I had sticky rice with tuna (from the can) and kimchi.

FYI – Olappa by Lunar Plane makes me wanna party! Are clubs ever gonna open again!

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