Life and Me!

Tue Jan 5:

I won an award for Galactic Gratitude 😁☺🥳at the Town Hall today. Defined as: Gratitude is overall thanks and appreciation. This person sends out good vibes and makes the work environment lighter. You have fun working with this individual, through thick and thin.

When I heard my name, I was like, “What!? No way!” I mean, I knew my boss likes working with me, but I didn’t realize enough others felt that way for me to get recognized! I’m thrilled that people feel good about working with me! I want to bring joy into your life, lighten your load and do whatever I can to make your work environment less stressful! Yay!

Noah our one and only IT guy, was recognized for Performance. Olga our one and only QA got Biggest Positive Impact and Liam, one of the lead developers won for Innovation! They deserve it! Noah was so happy! Liam was having trouble with his sound, so he made hand gestures instead (lol!)

I got to speak about OKRs – I was nervous as shit! And my boss did it again – we been working on the damn deck for like a week, and this morning at 9:30 am, he tells me I’m gonna speak on the OKR part! (the town hall is in thirty minutes!) Asshole!!! My heart wasn’t pounding out of my chest like before, but my throat was dry, and I thought I would vomit and die! But I had a few minutes to practice what I wanted to say and again … Tada! Once I started speaking, I was alright! I feel like the only way to combat anxiety is to do the very thing that makes you anxious. But I’m no clinician, so I’m only speaking for myself!

It’s great to meet up with co-workers and play games. I forgot how funny Jer is! The thing I miss most about being in the office is the non-work-related chats you’d engage in for no reason! It’s hard to do that virtually! “You wanna chat about non-work shit? Check my calendar!”

Image by Steppinstars from Pixabay

Usually, when I am chairing a meeting, or even just attending one, I want us to get to the point ASAP, then end! I find it hard to appreciate small talk that people engage in before meetings officially start (it feels like a waste of time). Even with my 1:1, I want to get to the agenda items and get on with my life. But my boss will ask me about the boys, how I’m doing, he’ll talk about his life stuff. In the back of my head, I’m like, “Why! You’re wasting valuable time!” But I think I get the necessity – maybe those are the things that bring people closer!

My boss reminded us about the 1:1 chats he’s planning to have and wants everyone to think about what would make their worklife more exciting, i.e., things we’d love to see now and as we grow!

For me, it’s variety! I don’t care about work-life balance or none of that shit! I’d rather eat glass and stick plastic sword toothpicks in my eyeballs than spend time with my family! (lol) The only time I feel crappy about work is if shit gets boring! In reflecting, I think anything new is exciting for me, and once it’s not new anymore, I’m like, “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” I like starting things and handing them off to others to run with/finish!

So PLEASE!!! Don’t put me in a box, or else I’ll kick the shit out of it and yell and scream till I get out! Then when I do, I’ll kick the shit outta you! I need to stretch and learn and grow. Don’t you fuckin’ fence me in! (I have a pair of wire cutters embedded in my back that double as head choppers. Protect ya neck – FYI) I need to roam the country like the mustang or brumby! (I love wild horses)

Soon I will be able to draw myself kicking my way out of boxes and chopping off heads! Oh fun! (I didn’t draw today and it’s already after 9 pm!)

I added French to my Duolingo lessons – I don’t get the masculine and feminine thing! It makes no sense (yet). Why is a cat male and an orange female? WHY!!! And verbs with and without esses “s.” I’m pretty sure it’s a combo of who is doing the action but I don’t get it!

André: Mom, how long do you think it would take you to get over your spouse if they passed away?

Me: It depends! Did I kill him?

You know I’m joking right!

I got a lust for life! BTW – it’s Jan 5, and I haven’t done a single workout all year! Like my other training, if I don’t do it first thing in the morning, it’s not gonna get done!

BTW2 – Gorgu from the Mandalorian was in my bedroom! I love augmented reality!

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