Life and Me!

Tue Jan 12:

Whenever someone tells you not to stir the pot, that is precisely when you should! So … always walk with your cooking utensils. I don’t know too many pot stirrers, but I know quite a few pot stickers, which is why they don’t want the pot stirred – Because they are stuck to it!!!!! Every cook knows what happens when you stir a pot that has food stuck to it and depending how long it’s been stuck, the harder it is to get it off. Which can leave marks on the pot and the stickers – you will have to use water psychology to get them to unstick themselves.

That’s my freehand Hiragana – I have these cards that teach you how to form the characters but I can’t find them – I only drew the top scroll, the bottom ones I traced cause he didn’t give step by step instructions for those!

I know how to say “eat” in French, but not in Japanese. I should write a French Japanese poem! やさい! Mange! (Vegetables! Eat!) I don’t know how to say, “Eat your vegetables!” in French or Japanese!” I not gonna use Google Translate to help me write my poem. I want to write based on what I know. They don’t use many pronouns in Japanese, but there are lots of pronouns in French. For example, in Japanese, “I” is usually understood, so you don’t find it in sentences. BTW – Even though they are pronounced differently, I’m uncomfortable with “mange” (eat), because it looks just like “mange” (skin infection)! Nobody wants to think about eating and skin disease at the same time (I doubt French speakers do, it’s a me thing.)

Although I aim to be fully fluent in both languages, I realize I may never get there, but the process of learning is loads of fun!

Ok! I MUST see an ophthalmologist ASAP! I don’t even know when I’m supposed to pick up my sister and that guy from the airport (he who shall not be named!)


I hate waiting for people. For the love of God, be on time! I tell you I’m gonna be there in five minutes – Why am I waiting ten + minutes for your stinkin’ ass to get downstairs! Why! … It’s two minutes after whatever, where the hell is everybody! Don’t tell me about your meeting that went over or the trials and tribulations of your stupid life. I!!!!!DON’T!!!!!CARE!!!!! And by the way, you’re already late with your tardy ass. Please! Just shut your hole so we can kick this shit off! Jesus!

I can feel myself getting angry just telling you this. Then my internal convo starts, “Sam! Calm down! What is wrong with you! It’s only two minutes past the hour; give them until five after. Hmmm, maybe I should schedule the meeting at five after. NO! Cause then they gonna show up ten minutes past the hour! UGH! Listen – Neither am I your mother nor your personal corporate alarm clock assistant. You fuckhead! Where is everybody! NOOOOOOO! I refuse to message you to tell you the meeting started – Turn on and don’t ignore your notifications bitch! I’m gonna cancel this God damn meeting and go to my bed!”

“Fantastic! Now that everyone’s here, let’s get started!” I say in my cheeriest voice.

Same here – I traced the top right one cause I couldn’t figure out how to draw the circles and there’s no instructions only the final. If you can see a second koala it’s cause I forgot to remove that layer, but I didn’t upload a new pic cause I like it!

It freaks me out how quickly my mood changes – I don’t stay angry for long but it’s intense! (beast mode according to my ex!) I bought two different lip balms cause I couldn’t decide which one I wanted – Both will go bad before I can finish using them. smh.

So … about my heart tattoo with the flowers coming out of it – I wanna add music notes. Life is a song worth singing! (that’s a song by Teddy Pendergrass, but I couldn’t find a good version for you.)

Koala! Koala! Koala! – Desiigner should have a koala song!

And I leave you with Digital Girl! – I like the original better!

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