Fool (Sonnet XXV)

At it again, skiing uphill Gale force winds Slapping my face Disgrace Monumental fights Can I do one thing right The snow is blinding bright Pills! At my bedside On my desk For better or worse This life feels cursed And I cry and endure And sweat and scream “I can’t take it anymore!” Break... Continue Reading →

Words Almighty

Hanging on a wall in the backyard shed words rusting like tools no one will use Discarded like plastic-wrapped fruits fifty percent off produce still, contamination spreads as does ... mould on bread are some things really better left unsaid Listening to Hall while sowing Oates encouraged to speak but I remain mute story of... Continue Reading →

Love Song

When the ground don't touch my feet When the ceiling and I meet Writing helps me deal When I'm boiling with rage Writing sedates When too much I feel Writing helps me heal My sword and my shield Writing is ideal Through writing, I reveal and conceal I unravel and tangle I become More than... Continue Reading →


My intense emotions and practical feelings of a constant conspiracy Causes me to believe people are out to get me But are they really Actually In my emotional fog I cannot see But I'm aware enough to question my reality Which may or may not Cause me to see feelings clearly

Four Year Milestone Approaching

Today I learned that it is alright to (s)pace myself. Doing nothing is good for my brain and my idea generator, wherever that is. I woke up at 2:42 am this morning and decided not to go back to sleep. Some douche on the train was playing his music mad loud through a speaker around... Continue Reading →

Blah Blah Blah

Tomorrow is Family Day! I'm in the throws of my first mid-life crisis of 2022 - Four more to go.  I feel blah! Spent most of my day in bed - I'm glad tomorrow is a holiday. 🎶 I got Monday blues, straight through Sunday blues. Good morning heartache. Here we go again. 🎶 I really need... Continue Reading →

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