Life and Me!

Fri Feb 26:

If you’re curious like me to see what’s inside the first gen Apple Pencil. Sometimes when I read I feel like I’m not working, even when I’m reading for work.

🎶 It’s Friday and the weekend’s here. I need to unwind. Where’s the party Mr. DJ? 🎶 – Zhané. I kinda feel like partying but would I go if I could? Hmmmm.

I know I’ve said something like this before but it bothers me … I think sometimes people complain but they are happy with the way things are – or happy enough at least that there’s no real desire to change anything. What is it that drives change? More people participated in my BPM Interdepartmental survey, I haven’t looked at the results but I’m feeling a bit discouraged. That’s all I’m gonna say for now – I’m not one to wallow in self-pity – Plus I have an entire week off to work on my perspective.

If your self-pity had a face, what would it look like? My self-pity face concerning how I feel about some people’s reaction to change at work would be puzzled. I imagine my face with a puzzle overlay and pieces missing. If my pencil were working, I’d draw it 😦 or trace it. Just remember, though, wallowing doesn’t have to be negative. You can wallow in an idea or a concept. You can wallow in porn (worse example ever). People wallow in sunlight too long and get burned – or maybe that’s basking.

The extinction of a language is sad because I don’t think you can hold onto your ethnic identity if you lose your language. I wonder if that’s the same as Cantonese losing ground to Mandarin? I think mostly people in Hong Kong speak Cantonese but I don’t know about the history/politics of that region or why there were two languages in the first place. I know some Indigenous languages are endangered, maybe even already extinct.

Time to stop talking about things I know nothing of. I will continue to wonder in private. Sometimes even when I’m curious I won’t look things up because I easily forget. This is especially true when I cannot quickly find application for what I am learning. So … although I love history, none of it sticks. Duolingo is introducing katakana characters and I been resisting for a while now.

I forgot to tell you – Last Sunday, Matt called a family meeting cause he didn’t like that I hide food for rationing purposes. I don’t like it either, and it took awhile for me to actually start, but it was necessary. Anyway, to conclude, I decided I’d give the boys 100$ each Sunday to buy their groceries for the week – They can buy whatever they want and now have designated shelf space – in the fridge and cupboard.

This means … I don’t have to cook as often. I don’t have to buy as many groceries when I shop, I pretty much only have to buy food for myself and special dinners, outside of standard holidays, depending on my mood, and there’s no more Fast Food Fridays. AND believe it or not – right now, André is cleaning out the fridge – but only because he needs space 🙂 I’ll take what I can get.

“Mom look at this!” André brings me an almost empty jar of homemade blue and blackberry compote.

“It’s mold.”

“Yeah but doesn’t it look pretty?”

“If you like it so much why don’t you eat it!”

As he turns to walk back to the kitchen he says, “And the mother of the year award goes to.”


FYI – You cannot put up wallpaper in a tent (thank you Animal Crossing for that bit of knowledge.)

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