Life and Me!

Thu Mar 18:

I was extremely, highly sleepy today. OMGrrrrrrrrrr I had to exit work early. It was weird – I’m chillin’ doing my thing, then I could barely keep my eyes open. 

I had spaghetti at around 12:30 pm; now my stomach hurts five hours later – Might I be allergic to nightshade vegetables? Years ago, when I was still a tot, me mum would cook eggplant, and every time I ate it, my lips would swell a tad, and inside me mouth would get itchy. I don’t eat eggplant, and I don’t particularly appreciate how they look at me when I go shopping. When I see eggplants, I immediately remember that part of my childhood. 

Monday I’m going into the office, so I’m packing my bag from now – Yoda, Green Buddha, all baby elephants, Cube Bot and magnetic rocks are going to the office. Actually … I’m not sure about CubeBot yet; I’ll decide over the weekend.

Me Journal Time … all yes/no answers:

  1. Have you had your tonsils removed? No. For several years I thought my uvula was my tonsils.
  2. Do you like to take naps? Hell to the yeah, and right now, Prozac leaves me no choice.
  3. Have you ever created an imaginary friend? No
  4. Do you commonly get carsick while travelling? No
  5. Have you had your wisdom teeth removed? No. I was supposed to in Uni, but they are all impacted and almost horizontal. When dude told me what he had to do to remove them, I never went back. Then I couldn’t walk through the student center anymore. I was afraid they’d see me, swipe me up and force an extraction. 
  6. Do you usually include a greeting card when giving a gift? No! That’s lame. You get a card or a gift, not both!
  7. Have you attended a family reunion? No. Too many people. I said I would go, but I never did, then my grandmother died, then COVID came. Miss Janice’s repass in February 2020 was the closest I came to a reunion.
  8. Have you written a will? Yes. Long ago, but I don’t know where it is now. I might have even lost my dad’s.

Did you hear about the obnoxious woman who, I believe, was charged with assaulting an Uber driver? I didn’t watch the video; don’t like to see humans at their worst. People have lost their minds. When was it ever ok to cough on somebody? When? Do you recall a time before COVID when that was alright? You don’t have no home training? No common sense? OMG! I don’t get it. I don’t understand human behaviour.  On to something pleasant …

🎶 Mama had a chicken. Mama had a cow. Dad was proud. He didn’t care how. 🎶 I used to love this cartoon (Cow and Chicken). They did a boneless chicken episode once, it was so funny.

I have to redo Lesson 23, A City in One Point Perspective. I made the buildings too narrow, so I don’t have enough space to add doors and windows and people 😦

My sister was born here, and she’s more Guyanese than I am. I don’t know how that happened.

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