An Invitation

Inspired by Dan Barker's book God: The Most Unpleasant Character In All Fiction and the confirmation that I'm not being lied to, based on my referring back to the KJV of the bible to cross-reference.Please don't get mad at me - instead, use that energy to do your research! And sure, if you decide to pursue and... Continue Reading →

HERO: E. Chino Star

Homeworld: Unknown Alias(es): Crimson Star, Obscura Phylum: Echinodermata, Chordates Species: Brittle Star, Human Gender: Non-Binary Abilities: Shapeshifting, Invisibility, Regeneration Affiliation: Unknown Family: None Personality: TBD Languages: Likes: Dislikes: Hi! My third creature, who just happens to be a superhero. And right now that's all I know. Not sure where all of this will lead. I... Continue Reading →


My first Morley inspired art. I bought a book of his over the summer, Let's Burn This Moment Down to the Filter. I remembered a 2020 journal entry for some reason and decided to try it out in this format. You can read the entry if you want, but you don't have to :)Jan 19:... Continue Reading →

The Guardian

This is my watchbird! A California Condor … he also barks. I traced two images from the web using Procreate. Thank you original artists!Sam

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