Life and Me!

Wed Mar 03:

🎶 Look out, look out. Pink elephants on parade here they come. They’re walking around the bed on their heads. I can stand the sight of worms and look at microscopic germs, but technicolor pachyderms are really too much for me. Pink elephants. Pink elephants 🎶 Hands down, that’s my favourite Disney song, and I think it played right after Dumbo and his mouse friend got drunk.

My doctor called me, but I could tell she didn’t read my file beforehand – Why aren’t you prepared for our convo? Ugh! Maybe she doesn’t get paid to pre-read. I have to get a MoCA test and an ADHD test, and an ECG test. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my memory anymore; she’s just discerningly picky on what she chooses to remember 🙂 That’s good right? If I start forgetting the names and faces of my immediate family, or how to do my job exceedingly well, then I’ll be concerned.

I have a theory that I shared with my doctor – if 60mg of Prozac lessens my symptoms, they will go away altogether if I take more, like 120mg. Well … turns out it doesn’t work that way. Technically I am already at the max, but the max-max is 80mg – Which is why I need the ECG.

The Frisbee Loner post is created but I didn’t publish it yet because I’m trying to figure out the mechanics – If I want to put the entire story in one post, I can’t write it like I write my in my journal, because reading would be disjointed – I don’t want to put it in multiple posts, like a Part I, II, etc., cause it’s not like I’m writing a novel. I also don’t want to wait until I finish the story to publish it – I enjoy writing one piece at a time … … … Whatever I decide to do it will have to be easy for people to read/follow and remember where they left off. I’ll have to figure it out.

I think I told you all of this before but … here it comes again:

  • I really liked how they released Stephen King’s The Green Mile a few chapters at a time. That was nice.
  • I also loved reading those Choose Your Own Adventure books.
  • I LOVE mysteries – The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes – My all time favourite Holmes story is The Speckled Band. (hmmm, I might read it before I go to bed.)

Figuring shit out is fun! We ran out of dish soap, so I told Matt to use laundry soap – he refused, saying, “That’s ghetto.”

“How is it ghetto?”

“It just is.”

There’s nothing wrong with temporarily repurposing shit. You got dishes to wash, wash the dishes with the available soap. Again my chiropractor forgot the towel – you know, I expect people to remember shit, even though I forget all the time – Is that fair? I don’t think so, but I expect perfect – even from myself. André bought two venus fly traps from the grocer, and today he had to go out and get special soil for them – half peat moss and half perlite because they need non-nutrient soil. Hopefully they will be alright.

BTW – Sabs’ been selling Animal Crossing stuff on nookazon, and she’s making a shit tonne of bells.

The letter B is on the wrong side of this keyboard – I’m certain of it! I had cake for dinner. I decided I’m not going to get the magic keyboard for my new iPad – the reviews aren’t great and lots of people say it’s heavy – I demand lightweight quality craftsmanship for 500$. I’m trying to find a stand, that can tilt like a drafting board so I can draw in a better position at my desk.

Sleep tight and dream of technicolor flying pachyderms connected to ECG machines. I wonder how/if Prozac would affect an elephant? Can animals have ADHD?

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