Life and Me!

Fri Feb 5:

I’ve been trying to put perspective into perspective for like three hours now. I forgot all my art rules, so I’m reviewing and watching some videos on YouTube. It’s easy when you are drawing a single image but now that I am combining things, the rules don’t make sense, even when I think I get it. My plan is to keep practicing! I found a 30 min video with a full walkthrough of perspective and horizon lines in Procreate – I will follow along tomorrow.

I haven’t logged my hours for the day.

Do you think you could be a prostitute? I don’t think I could cause some men are gross. If you smell funky, I can’t get down with you! Doesn’t matter how much you’re paying me! I’m pretty sure dudes don’t take showers before heading out to the places they go to find short term rentals. I know right … cleanliness is my biggest worry. Fuck the inherent danger of jumping in a car with a stranger. I’ll just hope for the best (my superpower!) I asked Dee if she could be a prostitute and she said no. Prostitutes are on my mind because I been listening to my true crime podcasts and killers almost always pick on prostitutes, or people they think no one will miss. But, at minimum, that’s somebody’s daughter.

No one should be considered a throw away, who’s life isn’t worth invest(igat)ing. For the world’s oldest profession, the workers don’t get any respect! Some women are never identified! Isn’t that sad! One guy said, “I only killed women who took the money.” You illogical fuck – that’s what prostitutes do! Another said, “I didn’t know you could rape a hooker.” No respect! Sex workers of the world unite!

Be careful with what you say to yourself in order to justify what you do, or are thinking of doing! Don’t be an illogical fuckhead!

I have to return as someone who can beat sense into some people, and beat the dark side out of others without leaving marks! I don’t have a name for that yet! (it’s not education)

I met with my psychiatrist today. I hate having to wait until he sends a report to my doctor for me to know what’s happening. Like why! He told me I should take my pills earlier than 6:00 pm and see how it affects me and I have to go for specialized testing – Don’t know, when, where or for what exactly but I told him about the misspelling so might be related. At least he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with my brain – I don’t think (well there is but not like that).

Did you know that brain damage can cause shifts in personality? Another thing I learned from my true crime podcast. Maybe if I hit myself in the right spot with a claw hammer, I’ll become a whole new person. Back in the day they used to do surgeries on kitchen tables – Maybe I can do brain surgery on mine.

Wouldn’t it be cool if they had a map of exactly what part of your head to hit, with how much force and what your resulting personality traits would be? I’d buy that map and experiment on Andr√© first! lol.

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