Holy pivot table Batperson! Whenever I work with Excel, doing pivot tables n shit, I can't help but remember when I absolutely hated everything Excel. Look at me now! Today, even some of my data analytics learnings were put to practical use. I laugh at my old self!And also ... in the face of challenges!Ha... Continue Reading →

Office B-Day Party

All day the sun didn't show its face. When home time came, it was pouring. My Scrum Alliance CSM cert expired last September - I'm still not sure if I want to renew it. I'd need 20 education units and 100 bucks - the cert isn't relevant anymore but I feel I am losing something.... Continue Reading →

Dream Elk In Ink

Finally! I made it to the library but the only volunteer role they had was reading buddy - I'd get paired with an elementary kid who needs help with their reading. I did that years ago - now I am looking for something administrative. I am officially sick of grapes - I never want to... Continue Reading →

Don’t Call Me Shrimp

I figured something out!  Even if I miss my workout in the extremely early morning, for whatever reason or excuse, that doesn’t mean I can’t exercise later in the day. I have this “all or nothing” mentality where I don’t count the milestones on the way to my ultimate goals. Only the goal matters. However,... Continue Reading →

This Life

I’m watching one of my all-time favourite movies with Dre, The Usual Suspects (1995). Still badass. I really wanted to watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989), but it's not streaming anywhere. Subscription services are sooo annoying. I turned off autorenewal on one in November, but they still charged me. Now I gotta wait and see... Continue Reading →

I Am Not My Thoughts

... I am not my thoughts ... I am not my thoughts A few weeks back, I watched Law and Order SVU, It never used to be my favourite, but it's grown. What I enjoy most is that there isn't always a happy ending. Some stories leave many dangling strings, and the good/bad guys aren't... Continue Reading →

Courage and the Artist

I learned that there is no expectation of privacy in public spaces. However, if someone asks why I am taking a photo, I must be transparent by showing current work and possibly sharing my QR code. 🙂 I'm obsessed with that code for some reason - I'm gonna make copies and plaster it everywhere. Also,... Continue Reading →

Decisive Moments

Today I learned the name for the type of candid photos I love to take - it is called … street photography (there is a name for everything). In the candid photo arena, there are also wedding photos/events and something else. Observation and documentation are the core mission of street photography. The decisive moment is... Continue Reading →

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