Life and Me!

Thu Feb 25:

Actually, I’ve been thinking, and I’m alright with being Mom at work too. Why are there negative connotations around “mom” for me? As Work Mom I am the:

  1. Punisher (on your knees bitch!!!!)
  2. Confidant 
  3. Educator
  4. Friend

That’s in order of importance to me – lol. I punish a non-compliant muthafucka. “Listen! I tried being your friend, educating your no-sense-having ass, being a confidential ear and ain’t nothin’ changin’ … Now it’s time to dole out some licks (That’s West Indian for a beating) on your time-wasting actionless backside.” As Punisher, I’ll have the most fun. 

🎶 I was made to punish you baby; you were made to submit to me. 🎶

Do you think my jokes are savagely brutal? Good! Caaaaaause … 🎶 That’s the way. uh-huh, uh-huh. I like it. uh-huh, uh-huh. 🎶 You should listen to How I Could Just Kill A Man by Cypress Hill – If you can find the video, there are a few cameos in there.

I think I had a good meeting with my boss and the chief architect today – I mean, I hope it was good. (since that meeting with one of our US clients went sideways and I thought it was good – I don’t trust my meeting reconnaissance instincts anymore) I don’t know if I convinced our CA of anything – time will tell … but it’s nice to have him involved – I don’t like to feel like I’m doing things by myself. I think the more people I involve the more impact the change will have – Of course they have to understand the change I want to make and I don’t think they get it (it’s not them, it’s just me not being able to articulate and convince – I gots me some growing up to do).

It’s hard for me to talk about something in a commanding way when I’m also learning and discovering – But I don’t have to know it all before I start. I can start anyway and continue to learn and adapt as I go. Time for Some Action Bitch! Do or Die Muthafucka! (Sometimes I love swear words and other times I can’t stand them and will stop using them altogether.) That’s me! smh.

My hair is growing – the middle (mohawk area) grows faster than the sides.

One more day to my one week vacation.

I found another poem; in OneNote this time – wrote it on a Sticky Note last May. Today I was trying out the Sticky Notes feature in Outlook Web and some of my old notes showed up … and there it was. I’ll double check but I don’t think I published this one. I was probably on the subway or in an uber when I got the idea. So … I have my little black book but I also have to find and maintain a single digital place too. If the WordPress mobile app didn’t suck I’d use it.

My Skeleton Removal Service is also suffering due to COVID. Which is interesting but I guess you can’t really hid things when there’s nowhere to go and everybody is home all the time. Once the vaccines are out and people get up to their old antics, I’ll be back in business. Can’t wait! 🙂

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