Life and Me!

Thu Apr 15:

Today I ate! 🎶 I like to eat and I cannot lie. 🎶 (The thought crossed my mind to end my journal here, but I have more to say 🙂 )

I know sweet/sticky rice is traditionally a dessert rice, but we love it. For me, it’s the texture, and the gumminess like boba and gummies 🙂 For lunch I had sweet rice w/ Furikake, kimchi and mashed brisling and smoked sardines with mayo, basil, black pepper, fresh squeezed lemon juice and thinly sliced green onions (kinda like how you’d mash tuna to make a sandwich). Dee had a sunny side egg with sweet rice and kimchi.

Got some feedback from my boss on the roadmap presentation, I am going to shorten it as much as possible – sometimes I don’t realize I have too much information until I talk to someone else about what I am trying to accomplish.

The other day I told everybody on the exec call to go to the Confluence page where I have all my SharePoint Reorg stuff to confirm they are good with what I plan to do – figured no one did cause I didn’t hear from anyone. So … I decided to get everyone caught up and it is not until I was walking them through next steps that I realized – “OMG! This isn’t a page I can send people to, I don’t think they would even know where to look first!” It’s like a minefield of everything I’ve gathered and learned about SharePoint, reorg ideas/plans, our current site info, questions I still have, further research I need to do – It’s a Only for Sam The Digital Hoarder page. lol. Ah man. I felt bad but I just focused on telling them what I had to tell them.

Gots me a new assignment !!! Researching and coming up with ideas for a CEO Dashboard! Yay! I’m really happy that I have the opportunity to float all over the place and constantly learn new things. Have you found your happy (work) place? I hope you already have a happy home place cause that’s just as essential.


You know how people, mostly husbands I guess, say, “Happy wife. Happy life.” Does that mean the husband doesn’t need to be happy or is he happy because the wife is happy – the second half of that sentence is for him? I wonder what wives say? I’ve been listening to Haunted Places: Ghost Stories and there’s one I really enjoy so far, it’s an Indian folktale recorded by Rev. Lal Behari Day, The Ghostly Wife – I love it so much I decided to download the book from Google, Folk-Tales of Bengal. I will read that story first. To the “things I wish didn’t exist” list, I am adding ” all allergies.” This weekend I plan to go to Galleria for salmon to make more Shiojake.

Tomorrow I plan to go to the office to pick up some magazines my boss left for me. 🙂 Thank you sir! Yesterday Matt wanted to make chicken pot pie – he went to Foodland, bought everything including premade pie crust … for desserts – I don’t know how he made the mistake, there’s big ass cheesecake on the front. lol!

My name is Sam
I used to eat Spam
But now I am ... A Pesca-tari-an
Spam will get stuck in my dia-phragm (-agus)
Causing me to scram to the Hospi-tari-an

(That is an awful poem, but  it makes me lol! I love it!)

Sake to me! My Hello Kitty type Amiibo Sanrio cards arrived – all the way from China. I am contributing to global warming – but the cards were sold out locally and about the stuff I bought from Nigeria, I just wanted to support the company. Maybe a better way is to see if the company I am looking to support already ships to somewhere nearby – Then I will be doing two good things.

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