Life and Me!

Thu Jan 7:

Hooray! It’s Friday Junior.

I decided it would be good to talk through my ideas/process improvements with my boss, because it’s frustrating for me when when I can’t describe things in a way that people can visualize for themselves! I don’t know if anyone fully understood where I was trying to get us to go in the meeting today! No fault of theirs, maybe I’m just not using the right words or I’m trying to include too many pieces of the puzzle at once. I don’t know! But I hate it!

I get a big kick out of messing about with filters and backgrounds in Zoom and Teams! It’s so much fun! I should get a green screen!

On a good note, André starts a new program on Monday – Supervised Alternative Learning. I am happy. He seems happy. It’s a five week program to prepare him for employment and he gets paid! If money isn’t a motivator, I don’t know what’s left! (Personal Jesus – You gotta come through for me on this one! Plueeeeeeeeeze!)

So I misplaced their SIN cards and I spend like two hours looking for it. Specifically for André, because the program people need the number since he’s getting paid. I thought I’d have to replace it but then I found it in an envelope with their passport applications and long form birth certs! I always misplace things like that, health cards, birth certs, drivers license, passports – and the funny thing is, I’m always like …

“Ok! I’m gonna put everything in a safe place so I can always find them.” Then I either forget where the safe place is or I remove something and don’t put it back – I remembered about the passport applications because I saw their old birth certs and I was like, “Wait! Didn’t I have the get new ones? Why?” Then I thought about where else to check. Yay! I’ve spent so much money replacing IDs – the boys finally took their health cards from me last year, or maybe 2019! And they haven’t lost them! And I don’t hear the end of it!

Matt isn’t adjusting well to high school – says it’s too much work! And he can’t keep up and waa, waa, waa! I reminded him of all the time he spends gaming – cut that shit in half and get your school work done! He was salty for hours and hours and hours – but I don’t care – Work ain’t gonna do itself (although that would be fantastic!) – I didn’t put any restrictions on him for Friday and Saturday night gaming, but get your work done during the week! And if it spills over into the weekend, deal with it! Man up Soldier!

I only slept for about an hour and thirty minutes today. Then I got up and drew! I will upload into my Art Gallery shortly!

I hope you had a good day and was able to convey your ideas in a way for people to understand! I am still working on being concise, succinct and straight forward (maybe I come at things from too many angles and that just confuses everyone!)

I did 30 incline pushups in less than a minute – and I can hold plank for one minute ten seconds 🙂 💪

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