And Then One Day …

Bonne Nuit

Hello! I am home. I don't know if my home is happy but I am 🙂 Lately, I've been working on being more absorbent and observant! When I get a pool in my backyard I will paint it black or the darkest blue and with star-shaped pool pot lights plotted to the stars you'll be... Continue Reading →

Do You Know

We were busy today, Dee and me. Went shopping for a few household items. There's an Ikea downtown now, at the corner of Yonge and Gerrard. That was our last stop after hittin' up Muji and the dollar store. From Ikea, we walked to the LCBO, then to No Frills then home again. Home again.... Continue Reading →

More Lazy Days Plz

Happy Canada Day! Dre is going to be nineteen in three days. I learned that social media sites do not take care of themselves. Silly! I deleted all my posts from Twitter - I didn't like how they looked. Now that account is just there! With a 280-character limit it's best for short poems -... Continue Reading →

Action Speaks

I am spending the long weekend at Dee's palace. The view is even more beautiful at night but my photos look like crap so you will just have to imagine it. I think the Pixel takes better nighttime photos than the iPhone. 🎶 All my single-income ladies. All my single-income ladies put ya hands up.... Continue Reading →

Taking It Easy

Today I am thinking about practical things that don't make my head hurt as much: My PMI PMP PDUsPortfolio Management CertificationWhere I put all my glue sticks - I cannot find a single oneWhy can't the padding in my sports bras stay putWhy in the fuck can't the boys take a shower without ripping the... Continue Reading →

The Price Is Not Right For Me-Ow!

RELIGION AND QUESTIONS When I opened my eyes this morning, I swore it was Saturday. Then I started thinking … and maybe we follow the bible because it gives us comfort or some sense of belonging? Is it better to believe in nonsense than to know this is it - no heaven or hell to... Continue Reading →

Progress In Place

I spent about an hour researching and coming up with my reorg for keeping my words/ideas in one place.  I was gonna use OneNote, but Microsoft is unreliable - one minute I can access my stuff on all my devices, and the next, I can't. I don't need that, especially when ideas leave my head... Continue Reading →


And just like that! PoofYour rights can be upendedRevoked! Suspended You thought we were progressive… We break you to our will … Still I wasn't going to say anything but the feeling to write something because Roe v. Wade was overturned would not go away. I cannot excape the news, even when I take a... Continue Reading →

Sounds of Achievement

I wrote four new poems today. Hashoo! Atchoo! The name and sound of achievement! I enjoy thinking, and writing, about the dark side of human nature. I don't know why that appeals to me. 🎶 I'm in the mood for love. Simply because you're with me. Funny, but when you're near me, I'm in the... Continue Reading →

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