And Then One Day …

Food and Fitness

There's a new game I'm addicted to. I like it even better than ACNH. Bear and Breakfast. As you may have guessed, It's about a bear running a bunch a B&Bs in the woods and other nearby not so woodsy places. FITNESS Finally ... today I closed my exercise ring. It's been months since that happened. Not... Continue Reading →

Hurt So Bad

... which is not good. Well! It's been a shitty day. I feel like shit. I look like shit and probably smell like shit too. (heavy sigh). AND I didn't do shit - like I'm channelling Dre or some shit! Shhhhhhit! My head's split wide open, horizontally, from the bridge of my nose to the... Continue Reading →

Throw STIs From The Train

... And you get an STI. And you get an STI. But first, my rant! The TTC never ever fails to disappoint me with its inefficiency. If I ever cause a medical emergency on the train, you have permission to leave me on the platform to die alone.  I don't get why everything has to stop for one person... Continue Reading →

Words Almighty

Hanging on a wall in the backyard shed words rusting like tools no one will use Discarded like plastic-wrapped fruits fifty percent off produce still, contamination spreads as does ... mould on bread are some things really better left unsaid Listening to Hall while sowing Oates encouraged to speak but I remain mute story of... Continue Reading →

Dream Nightmare

Well, my copywriting side gig crashed and burned before the starting flag waved. There are lots of AI content writers out there - the most popular seems to be maybe formerly known as Jarvis. It can even write books - or I should say, it can give you content for a book, you still... Continue Reading →

I Got Lots

Why is the time on the lock screen so massive! Why! Is everyone with an iPhone visually impaired all of a sudden! It's this mediocre customization - "You can have these fonts for this thing only and sorry but, you cannot resize it." I don't even like any of the shitty clock fonts they selected... Continue Reading →

Routine Commitments

Yesterday I didn't have a name for my Euccplatus Tree Gazette post, but when I did a preview, I liked how it looked without a title, and I also like how it looks when I view the layout - in the future, if a title doesn't come to me, I will leave it blank and... Continue Reading →

The other day I was reading something Dee shared with me, work-related, and I think I'd like to do copywriting as a side gig. I didn't even know that was a thing. I get distracted easily, but I get back on track just as. I don't know how to get paid for freelance work. Gotta... Continue Reading →

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