And Then One Day …

Baby Go Splat

I officially have a 10lb nephew ... (save your cheers to the end please. I got more to tell you). ... Born Thu May 25 at ~ 8:11 am EST. He was hooked up to a CPAP because of fluid in his lungs but as of 3:00 pm today, all his respiratory components are functioning... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Psalm

I'm on Sonnet twenty-seven with one hundred and twenty-nine to go. That math might not be completely correct - allow for a margin error of one or two. I don't know if I want to watch TV or listen to music ... so I got both blasting! Offically, I'm tired of motivational quotes - they're... Continue Reading →

Ma Cuisine

The kitchen smells like a cesspool. BTW: is "kitchen" masculine or feminine? I feel like it's fem but that's probably sexist - and French always ends up being the opposite of what I think it is. It's probably male cause men BUILD kitchens - women only decorate and slave in them. I wanted to make... Continue Reading →

Eau Du Égout

I hope you are enjoying the long weekend. Friday gone was Poutine Day - Google thought it was April 11 maybe, but who are they to tell me when I can have a Poutine celebration! Is eating traditional Poutine at every meal the same like/as having Mcdonald's at every meal? My favourite variation is kimchi... Continue Reading →


... That's when your proxy server keeps letting all the wrong traffic in. Bad proxy! Bad! - I got lots of IT jokes (or sayings if you not laughing. but that shit's funny!) On my way to work this morning, I imagined my script didn’t make any of my classmates laugh and the teacher told... Continue Reading →

Jesus Is My Friend

... he's your friend too but I got dibs. Claim staked! I was gonna talk to you sooner but I felt like I didn't have much to say. I'm gonna be an adult diaper model when I grow up. Can you poo in adult diapers or only pee? You should be able to do whatever... Continue Reading →

Flowering Into

Do you know what kind of flower you'd be or tree? I'd be a cotton candy flower tree and eveyone'd be sweet on me. Suffering from rating fatigue, I am - You get one star or a thumb's down until I've recovered. Soca got me out of bed again some few mornings this week. Writing... Continue Reading →

One Fine-ish Day

Did you do any fun stuff today? On Crave there is A Black Lady Sketch Show - I watched the first episode. I didn't finish my homework yet but I know what I'm gonna do. I rediscovered a little clay-type pot I got from Value Village, back when I used to be a botanist (as... Continue Reading →

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