Life and Me!

Mon Feb 22:

Oops. Way late. It’s almost 1:00 am – I should be sleeping. But I’m not.

Another productive day – Hip Hip! But I feel like I need some time off work, not because of work but because of me. I feel like I’m about to lose it, maybe cause it’s Monday. During our exec call I felt like everyone hated me and didn’t care about anything I had to say. I wish the knowledge of my mental situation was enough for the thoughts themselves and the feelings to go away, but it doesn’t work that way. May will be three years at this job. One minute I feel everybody loves me, then they hate me, then they just don’t care – BUT I am happy that my reactions to others have remained stable (I think. I hope).

You remember how I said, “hair or face. Not both.” I meant keeping my brows sharp and that’s pretty much it. This morning I found myself staring at my face and wanting more … lipstick and eyeshadow maybe (both subtle, nothing crazy). Then I remembered that I never really learned to apply makeup – which I consider an art. 

When I was a tween, I’d watch me mum getting ready to go out and I felt it was insane to take so much time on your face – That experience turned me off, and I never truly learned the art of makeup. I did pick up some tips along the way; I know my undertone is yellow and that’s supposed to help you pick the right colours. About three or four years ago, I had a free makeup session at Murale, my brow lady convinced me to sign up. It’s completely different when I try to do the same myself compared to when they did it. 

With all that said – I am embarking on a journey of makeup proportions (lol). I will learn and practice – Plus, I have Sabs and my sister to help me figure out what colours look good. I sorta know what I like already AND I definitely want to keep it simple – there’s elegance in simplicity.

  1.  Sparkly eyeshadow 
  2. Matte or glossy lips (depends on my mood) 
    1. I read somewhere once that you should exaggerate your eyes OR your lips. It’s one or the other (exaggerate probably isn’t the right word).   
    2. I also know there is daytime and nighttime makeup (which adds another level of complication, and I kinda feel like it’s ok to wear daytime makeup at night but not the other way around).
  3. I don’t want to spend more than thirty minutes on my face – which I think will reduce with practice. (I have no idea if thirty minutes is realistic – I just know I don’t want this to consume too much of my life).  

Just because the shoe fits, it doesn’t mean you should wear it. You can change your foot/feet! (I know it’s not easy but it’s doable 🙂 ) I guess you could also continue searching for the right shoe, but you’d have to remember that you don’t have to wear the ones you’re given in the first place; and maybe, as you search, you’ll realize that your feet have changed along the way.

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