Life and Me!

Fri Apr 16:

So much for plans! I hardly slept last night, when I finally got out of bed it was almost 10:00 am. I contemplated going to the office, got dressed, about to call an UBER and everything. Then I changed my mind, opting to be close to Excel instead since I woke up with formulas and cell interior colours dancing about my head. Plus, I been mulling over some formatting and layout stuff in the back of my mind. I figured if I left, the urge to make some sweet spreadsheet lovin’ will leave too. So I stayed, and we got it on for like five hours. Yeah baby! Yeah!

🎶 I’ve been working on the railroad, all the livelong day. I’ve been working on the railroad just to pass the time away. Can you hear the whistle blowing. Rise up early in the morn … 🎶

I read that PMBOK 7 is supposed to be making the EVM calculations simpler, which means that for now, I will keep my calculations basic. I would like AC to create a DIY storage – Why are you forcing me to keep wood and iron nuggets and clay in home storage or my pockets (you know how heavy that shit is!?). I’d like to approach my DIY bench and get access to my raw materials and make whatever I want, especially since my island rating goes down if I leave them laying about.

Me Journal Time … You have to pick one – my selections are emboldened 🙂

  • Waffles or Pancakes
  • Head first or Feet first ( mostly, I think I go in shaped like a “U.” head and feet at the same time)
  • Truth or Dare (dares are fun but truths matter more)
  • Salt or Pepper (to clarify, I’m thinking black pepper)
  • Predictable or Spontaneous (I’d like the fundamentals to be predictable: home, paycheck, electronics should work as intended when I turn them on – that kinda stuff)
  • Forests or Fields (I can see the trees and the forest, but I am partial to the openness of the fields. Plus I’m less likely to get lost)
  • Snakes or Spiders (ewwww or ewwww)
  • Fruits or Vegetables
  • Rainbows or Shooting stars (no brainer! haha)
  • Lunar eclipse or Solar eclipse (I can’t remember what the difference looks like – I have no preference. Maybe I will one day!)
  • Bubbles or Balloons
  • Business or Casual
  • Stripes or Polka dots (are the stripes horizontal or vertical? Hmmm … I guess it doesn’t matter – I love having both on my socks)
  • Massage or Sleep (hands down! Massage every day of the week!)
  • Tan or Natural
  • Manicure or Pedicure
  • Quiet or Loud (you know I love my music loud. I don’t really like quiet, my brain wanders. If something is playing in the background (TV or music) it somehow helps me to stay focused or refocus when I start to wander)
  • Glasses or Contacts (Never have I ever owned contact lenses)
  • Sunblock or Tanning oil (for a long time I never used sunblock – I didn’t know anybody that used it growing up or as an adult. When my children started daycare, I had to provide sunblock for them but I still never used it myself until maybe the last five years)
  • Scrambled or Fried (he means eggs right? Not brains?)
  • Young or Old (why? I’m old in experience but young in curiosity – the best of both worlds 🙂 )
  • Stickers or Stamps (stickers rock!!! One day I will acquire several trillions of Vans Off the Wall stickers. I will travel the world, for the purposes of posting them everywhere, including foreheads but especially where it says, “Post No Bills”)
  • Visual Learning or Auditory Learning (although I learn better visually, I prefer to read but I don’t read out loud – For example, if I have a problem to solve, I will choose to follow the written steps first, then if that fails, I will watch video )
  • Test the water or Dive in (isn’t this the same as head/feet first?)
  • Tattoos or Piercings (i love both but I have more tats than piercings)
  • Safety or Danger (safety is for suckers! I live dangerously! lol! – of course I want to BE safe but I cannot STAY safe all the time. I gotta dive in – you pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down?)

IMPORTANT FYI: I do not like the word “mandible.” I don’t like how it sounds or looks. It evokes my 3F fight response … If you say mandible around me, I’ll rip yours off with my bare hands then freeze, to look at my handy work. Then flight, to dare the next person to say “mandible” around me. You’ve been warned! #TheMandibleRipper

I don’t know where to start with this damn cover letter for ISO – I don’t have experience that relates to shared economy stuff.

Dear ISO Peeps!

You should choose the I to participate as participant in the Shared Economy initiatives 'cause I'n'I have big heart for loving. Big head for thinking and mucho passion for doing!

I is looking forward to hearing from you! A'ight!

Hit me up anytime!

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