Life and Me!

Fri Jan 22:

Well … the SharePoint notification email seems to be working again, but I can’t get dynamic content to work – as soon as I add it to the Flow, the email doesn’t go through, but it says the run was successful. I messed around with that thing for like three hours. I ended up with a simple message in the email body with a link to the Contracts library.

“In this corner, with the multi-coloured mouth guard (grimacing), we have the Behemoth – 20 years Undefeated Uber Super Duper Heavyweight Champion of the World … Microooooosoft SharrrrrrrrrrrrrePoint! And in the frilly pink … we have Sam.” That’s how I feel trying to learn this shit, but I’m not ready to tap out yet. Bring it on!

Every time I feel ready to edit my Japanese poem, I don’t. I’m not sure why I’m putting it off. I also have to change my Art Gallery because whenever I add new art, I have to select ALL the previous friggin’ photos again!

André got his first paycheque! It’s 2:00 pm. 

“Mom, can you Uber me to pick up my paycheque.”

“No! Take the bus.”

“But the bus is going to take 40 minutes, and I have to be there at 2:30.” (And he’s still in his PJs, btw)

“How is that my problem. What were you doing all day!”

“I forgot to check the time I was supposed to go. I’ll pay you back today!”

So I order the ride. Then I get a call at 2:34pm.


“Mom! I don’t know where to go!”

“What do you mean you don’t know where to go! Didn’t the woman drop you off in front of the building?”

“Oh! I see it now. Ok bye.”

I’m doing my thing. Then I get a call at 2:47pm. I didn’t even say anything when I picked up the phone.

“Mom?!? MOM!?!”

“Yes!” 😑

“Can you Uber me home!”

“No! Take the bus!”

Photo Credit: @Hanni via Twenty20

“But I don’t know which way to go.” (This is why you shoulda took the damn bus to get there! But he probably would have gotten lost anyway!)

“Mom, can you send me directions please!?” (FML)

“Look it up!”

“Data isn’t working on my phone for Safari.” (why in the name of God are you using Safari for directions – heavy ass sigh! I didn’t even bother to ask.)

So I send him the directions – that’s the end of that, right! Call comes in at 2:51pm.

“Hello … Hello Mom!”


“Which way am I supposed to walk to get to the bus stop?”

“How am I supposed to know Dré!

“Ok. I see a bus coming. I will just take that to a subway station.”

“Ok bye.”

The boy took two hours to get home, in what should have been a 40-minute ride. That’s sad and hilarious at the same time. 

Today is a good day! You do what works for you!

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