I Worked In Tech Support

Skinny pigs do not know the meaning of, "Don't bite the hands that feed you." "You only feed us hay. It doesn't count." "Of course it does!" No! In case it didn't occur to you, we have idioms of our own." ... Hands that carry you to the dinner table for a meal every night... Continue Reading →

Bullet Dodged

Early this morning, I went with Dre to his MRI appointment … the hospital books appointments so late/early. I don't know if they are catching up because of COVID or if they've always done that. We left there at ~ 2:45 am. I snuck around the hospital and took pics of two machines I like... Continue Reading →

HERO: E. Chino Star

Homeworld: Unknown Alias(es): Crimson Star, Obscura Phylum: Echinodermata, Chordates Species: Brittle Star, Human Gender: Non-Binary Abilities: Shapeshifting, Invisibility, Regeneration Affiliation: Unknown Family: None Personality: TBD Languages: Likes: Dislikes: Hi! My third creature, who just happens to be a superhero. And right now that's all I know. Not sure where all of this will lead. I... Continue Reading →

Yay! It’s The Weekend!

May 07, 2022, was my four-year anniversary. Cheers to me for hangin' on/in and to my co-workers for putting up with me! I love you guys!  Pretty much all the friends I have are people I met at work. Except for my long-suffering friend Sharon. I say that because if she didn't stay in touch... Continue Reading →

Electric Relaxation – ATCQ

I told Dee what I was thinking of doing, putting music to some of my poems, and she mentioned GarageBand. And I thought to myself, Okay. Cool. I figured it was a play thing, but I checked it out, and it's a serious thing, which is more excellent. Currently, I am confident that I can act as... Continue Reading →

Baby Mama

I wrote and published a sex poem on Mother's Day. At first, I wasn't going to post it, but then I figured, if it weren't for sex, we wouldn't be mothers - biologically and figuratively - and none of us would be here. Somebodies, somewhere, had to get it on for there to be a... Continue Reading →

Can You Dig It

Fri May 06, 2022 You've heard it all before: This morning I was lying in bed, reflecting. Taking stock of my life when I realized that I recently overspent, although I maybe did not acknowledge it because ... idk. I feel like a child who buries their head in the dirt - If I cannot... Continue Reading →

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Paper And Pen Please

Today I overate by a factor of 10! Thanks a lot Bossman for nothing (or everything?) Then I took the afternoon off work. Lately, I feel less productive when at the office. Is that weird? AND I think it's just me; those guys are okay. Poor Jer has to deal with my after-lunch antics. The Great... Continue Reading →

Wish Me Luck

Sorry I was MIA. Got an invitation for a free trial of Hell. Yeah! The Hell! The first two days were, you know ... hell, but it didn't take long to get used to it. I could see myself living there for all eternity by the third day. Unfortunately, the trial was only three days... Continue Reading →

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