Life and Me!

Fri Jan 29:

I’m not a fan of The Who but today I heard The Seeker and loved it!

Dear Personal Jesus:

It's 2021 for God's sake and I still haven't hear from you! Like ever! If I have to come up there to get a response, it won't be pretty! How come you don't talk to me like you do all those other Christians?

I feel like there's something I'm supposed to learn from André that I haven't yet. Could this explain why his behaviour isn't changing? Maybe I got the wrong baby from the hospital? They say you don't give people more than they can handle - Well, I've handled The André Situation the best ways I know how, no thanks to any input from you. FYI, I don't want to handle it anymore. 

At the same time, although it bothers me that I haven't heard from you, I feel like you are my silent partner. I see you in Buddhism, flowers, laughter, tears of frustration, good and bad jokes, sunshine, rain, poetry, music, dancing, singing off key, Spongebob Squarepants, ice cream and hot sauce, my children, my coworkers - I see you everywhere, in everyone, all the time! (even if I have to look really hard sometimes - that includes the look at myself 🙂 )

I am happy with who I'm growing up to be and I feel like you've been there the whole time - through the good, worse and horrendous. I hope I can always send out fab vibes and have a positive outlook despite obstacles and unnice folks - cause that's when I need my fab vibes and positivity the most. I am getting lots of practice - thank you very much!

BTW, In case you are not aware, they are selling holy water from the Jordan River, blessing salt and holy oil from Bethlehem on Amazon. Why!? ... your blessings are free and no one needs to go through a third party, they can come direct! Just don't ignore them like you do me (we're old friends so it's cool. It's great to feel your presence but it would be nice to hear from you - this is probably how my family and friends feel when they don't hear from me 😦 ).

Thank you for the good sense you've given me and Cabbage! 


You know what I’m about to say right!? TGIF mofo!

Today was not as productive as I would have liked. I was refreshing myself on BPM then I started reading about VSM and lean – I took a Lean Six Sigma course at UofT but it was the year my mom was dealing with chemo, and things were getting really bad so I never got to finish.

AGAIN! André “forgot” that he was supposed to go pick up his check and had the nerve to ask me for a ride – I politely told him no, but then he asked his sister – I can’t get get mad at her, she probably doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of his wrath! I told him he has two weeks to get his shit together. And what am I going to do if he doesn’t? Fuck if I know! UGH!

There’s a notebook on my desk and instead of typing, I will write in it, especially to capture random thoughts and convos with my coworkers. I think I need to remove it because I want to just record my notes digitally. When I get a new iPad, I will use that as my notepad instead. (provided the app can turn my notes to text and integrate seamlessly with whatever I’m already using).

I don’t feel comfortable having work notes in a book, it gives me anxiety, I just have this sense that I may be missing something – so I go through my notes and type everything up – Total waste of time, but I feel better after. (Oooooh – I wonder if I can take a pic and turn it into text then grab it and put it where I need it to go?) For next week I will remove my notebook and post-its which will force me to immediately record info digitally.

I started watching Insecure again. From season one.

There’s a cheetah yawning in a tree. Can you hear? Close the light and turn off the door before going to bed!

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