Life and Me!

Sun Jan 24:

I told Dee and Sabs that I am excited about work tomorrow, and Sabs looked at me like I was crazy and said something like, “Who says that!” lol. Dee asked me why. Do you want to know why? Awwwww. Well … my boss agreed to use Asana Goals for tracking our OKRs. I am going to start setting it up tomorrow. I have one minor concern, but I will leave it unspoken for the moment because I don’t know if it requires worry. I cannot wait to try it out!

Do you think André might be a narcissist? I think he might. I woke up this morning, and that was on my mind. I’ve never considered it before, at least not that I recall. I started doing some research.

OMG! Last night I had these weird, nonsensical sex dreams. I haven’t had any sex-related dreams, that I can remember, in a long time. The first one, my girlfriend and I went to some sex club. I told her about the dream cause she’s a germaphobe. That’s the last place she’d ever go. For me to dream of her there cracks me up. Then I dreamt of two old friends; we were all living together in a massive house, and I think we each had our own floor, kinda like each floor was a separate apartment. One day, I came home, and he was in my bed waiting for me naked in this suggestive pose. And our other roommate was running around my bedroom picking up her son’s toys and talking to me as if she didn’t see him naked on my bed. I don’t understand why all of them were in my space. And why is your son’s toys in my bedroom? They say your dreams are all about you, and the people in them represent characteristics of yourself/or maybe ways you’d like to be – that’s the part you should focus on.   

I’m getting pissed off with my artbook guy, the work is getting more and more complicated, but he’s giving less and less detailed steps. But I, of all people, know you cannot hold someone’s hand forever. The more elements there are in the illustration, the harder it is for me to figure out where to start, and the whole thing feels overwhelming. (reminiscent of the multi-koala birthday party photo) It might be a sign to go back and review teachings from the basic lessons. One step at a time, Grasshopper! 🙂 I’m definitely better than I was ten months ago. That’s worth celebrating. Hip hip!

I hope you have a week filled with gut bustin’ laughter and opportunities to continue exploring and feeding your curiosity!

4F Cheers! (Family, Friends, Fun, Food)

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