Life and Me!

Thu Apr 08:

It’s allergy season. I’m allergic to ducks and rabbits when they’re in season so I don’t go hunting. I saw Glowbee Bobee – walking and swinging and picking up sticks xoxoxo. I LOVE YOU GLOWBEE!!! (She can hear me 🙂 ) 

🎶 Sing a song of sixpence a pocket full of rye. Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie. And when the pie was open the birds began to sing. Now wasn’t that a dainty dish to set before the king. The king was in his counting-house, counting up his money. The queen was in her garden, eating bread and honey 🎶 I don’t think I got those lyrics right. I don’t even know where I know that song from. 🎶 Random shit in my head. Random shit in my head. 🎶

I feel like our CTO is mad at me – I thought about asking him but I remembered that my reality isn’t THE reality and if I ask him, he might think I’m crazy and not want to work with me anymore – I wonder if that’s why our CA gives me a hard time, sometimes (or what I believe to be a hard time) ever since I asked him if he likes me. (When I say that shit out loud it sounds so ridiculous) Our CA is probably thinking, Crazy-ass. Don’t leave me alone with her, please. I don’t know what she’s gonna ask me next. lol! I mean all kinds of things could be going on with people, why am I personalizing it? I saw him in one meeting for like ten minutes, but yesterday he didn’t reply to my Skype message 😦

In an effort to overcome my love of sweets, I’ve extracted all my sweet teeth … Sorry if I sound funny, but I have no teeth left.   

I’ve had these guys since maybe 2016! None of my Vans are going in the garbage ever! I’m just gonna patch them up and keep wearing em!

So I made it to the store and bought my sake, salmon and kosher salt to make the Japanese Salted Salmon (Shiojake). I wore my ol’ dirty Vans – I need to throw all of them in the wash, including my good Charlie Browns – I think those are my all time fav. When they’re nice n clean I take pic and show you. The salmon has to chill out in the fridge for at least two days – I will cook them on Sunday with shitake mushrooms and broccoli – I don’t know why the fishmonger doesn’t take the scales off the fish before filleting. Is s/he assuming no one eats the skin or is there a valid reason?

Do you know how mountain climbingly challenging it is to remove scales once you’ve sliced up the fish!!! Plus, my kitchen isn’t equipped for descaling unscaling (I like unscaling better) and it’s so messy, scales were flying up in my face n shit – I’m gonna be finding scales where they’re not supposed to be for days.

Andre’s school IEP appointment went as well as it could go. He doesn’t want to go to school, he doesn’t want to do co-op, he can’t do independent learning (that would be a disaster), he doesn’t think he can do the adult program. Brah!!! WTF!!! You gotta do something!!!

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