My First Date

Antlers rock! I want antlers! I officially went on my first artist date. Saturday, April First - Perfect! That's an easy anniversary date for me to remember. At first, I had planned to visit the Bata Shoe Museum but it cost 14$ or something to enter. Then I got to thinking Hmmm ... I'm supposed... Continue Reading →

To Your Health

Did I ever tell you I got to do some copywriting work at work - well I wrote what I wrote back in 2019 but it's actually gonna be used now which feels really great. BTW if I don't find a part-time job to supplement my income I'm gonna go back to doing sex work... Continue Reading →

I Am An Artist

... And you are too 😍 Better believe it! Good afternoon in the evening! Did you have a wonderful day of sweet discoveries and laughter and great company (including your own)? Me? I just had the boys - which isn't the worse thing in the world. They entertain me ... unwillingly. Matt's not getting enough... Continue Reading →

Not so Arbitrary After All

Mmmmm cake. In only losing point two pounds on the scale this morning, I still need to pay attention to my calories even if I am mostly eating fat and protein. But it's cool, I'm getting used to weighing and logging and logging and weighing. If I want to continue the experiment I could eat... Continue Reading →

Sup Fam

Today I'm Polish! Maybe Korean. I can be both and plus everything else - we all cousins anyway! Hooray! AND ... I found a good paper towel replacement The Original 100% Biodegradable Reusable Paper Towels. It's available on Amazon if you're interested. Finally figured out how to get my proper macros in protein, carbs and... Continue Reading →

Heavy Sigh

Man! I love those BAERSkin hoodie commercials. Yesterday I spring-cleaned the balcony. I have these straw mats that need washing but they can't go into a machine; then an idea popped into my head (or pooped) - I'm gonna take them to one of those outdoor DIY carwash places because they have power hose and... Continue Reading →

Keep Up with the Upkeep

I identify as Japanese! AND ... I still do not have my anger under management. (more on that later). I felt ready to write again for a few days but kept putting it off. I could very much go for a bag of Ruffles Regular Potato Chips right now. The other weekend I spent time... Continue Reading →

Do Flip Out

"Samantha Williams?" "Present!" "Who can clap and wash their hands properly?" "Me!" My cast is gone but me in a splint that is off more than on, which is good. I started working out again on Sunday but MeWatch is acting up, it keeps pausing my workouts; they said it may need servicing. Naked will... Continue Reading →

Hello Today

In being so successful with my weight loss endeavour, I wondered why I didn't find my formula sooner because fasting and calorie deficit eating isn't new to me, but I figured, for whatever reason, I wasn't ready. It's here now and I am happy. Remember when I thought I needed medication to help with my... Continue Reading →

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