Journal Entry – Thu Dec 31

Well … I’m all out of gummy everything – no worms, no bears, no keys, no nothing! Life sucks! Kill me!

Today was a fantastic fun day with my boss and figuring out our recognition and rewards program. I saw a video of Glowbee dancing – bouncing and headbanging to some sweet tunes!

My boss has plans to have 1:1 with everyone at some point early next year – He said he used to do it, but I guess things got busy in the last few years. I think that is a great idea, and I feel like he cares about everyone in the organization! (and of course, these 1:1 will show that, if it doesn’t end up being all talk.)

I love that I can be my quirky self at work; I feel accepted and comfortable. I hope that I make others feel accepted and comfortable as well. When I was younger, I wish I didn’t feel anything – I valued logic above all else. I didn’t understand why people couldn’t turn off their personal shit at the workdoor. Focus on work when at work – your personal shit will be waiting for you after.

Make time for quiet introspection!

Now I understand the importance and exhaustion of feeling it all, but I wouldn’t change a thing! I hope that since people let me be me, I can return the favour and take others’ good and bad without judgment (that’s judgemental – we are who we are!) I hope that my strive for self-perfection doesn’t reflect negatively on others; there’s a lot of human behaviour that I still don’t understand!

That’s my New Year’s Objective – to listen and promote understanding and make everyone feel like they belong and are valued and loved 🙂

  • Life is too short to be a fuckin’ douche to anyone, anywhere! EVER! (shake off your douchiness ASAP! You can do it – I have faith in you!)
  • Life is too long to be doing what you aren’t deeply passionate about!
  • I hope everyone finds their passion (and can express it) in 2021!

Haven’t drawn since I got home – I’ll do tomorrow. Most likely, I will be asleep when 2021 starts! Yay!!!

We sent a video to my sister for her bday! (Dee’s idea!)

Happy New Year! May all your wildest, harmless dreams come true!

Feature Photo Credit: Ljiljana Smilevski from Pixabay

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