Life and Me!

Sat Apr 10:

Duck, Duck Goose was a beautiful disaster. At first, I was the only one in the waiting room, then a lady came. Receptionist and she, that made three. You can’t play DDG with three people!!! So I decided … you know what, we are going to have to put patient care on hold for a moment. I got on the intercom, “Everyone. This is a DDG emergency (using acronyms sounds official and makes people nervous). Haul ass to the waiting room PRONTO!!!” Then I went and knocked on all the doors mad hard. Within minutes ten people were in the waiting room …. Shhhhhhhit. Now we gotta go play outside.

I caught everyone up. “People! This is a DDG drill. Line up in an orderly fashion and leave your belongings here. We are going to take a five-minute walk over to the field, do some stretching, then get our drill on. Got it!”

“How long is this going to take! I need to finish my appointment and get back to work!” Someone always gotta spoil shit with the realisticalities.

“This is bigger than you bitch! Shut the fuck up!” I continued “NOBODY BETTER NOT HAVE NO MORE QUESTIONS! GOT IT! DROP YOUR SHIT, LET’S GO RIGHT NOW!”

While walking over to the field I explained the rules. Some folks knew how to play, most others didn’t. People started talking about their bad knees, hips and backs. FUUUUUUUCK!! I told them we’ll do a practice run to make sure everyone gets how to play. 

Getting them to sit in a circle was a maddening chore. People were grumbling about not wanting to sit on the ground. Some feared they wouldn’t be able to get up. One man, “I’m not sitting down, I can’t get grass stains on my clothes.” Unbelievable!!! I stared at him till he got uncomfortable, then I said, “Bitch if you don’t sit down right now, I kill y’er whole family.” The pre-stare made him know I was serious.

Finally!!! Got everyone sitting in a nice big circle, we ready to start. Hip hip !!! My alarm goes off. “Alright everyone, you’re free to go. I gotta get back for my massage.” 

“You’re it!” I tag my massage lady and we race back to the clinic. I don’t know about everyone else, but I had fun!!! 

The guy that runs the physio place I go to now has an optical shop. Perfect – I like being able to walk to my appointments and shopping places and restaurants. It just feels good. Swimming is not an option and I don’t have a bicycle. Either way, I’d probably end up dying by mistake.

Aside from the clinic, I spent about 45 minutes on my OKRs (not done yet). Made dinner for myself – I added cabbage and green onions to my tuna. I also have sardines with rice btw. I hate how my kids first thought is to throw things out and buy something new – they don’t think about repurposing or giving away. How come that side of me didn’t get into them. I am going to stop using paper towels.

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