Life and Me!

Wed Mar 31:

One more day to the weekend! I think I want a bunny – Dee had two bunnies when she was a kid, and my ex’s aunt would raise bunnies. Happy Bunny Holiday!

🎶 Hello bunny. Well, hello bunny. It’s so nice to have you back where you belong. You’re looking swell, bunny. We can tell bunny. You’re still growing. You’re still going. You’re still going strong. You hear the band playing, and you start swaying to the melody you knew from way back when. So take a … 🎶 Darn it! I don’t remember the rest of the song. It might be called, Hello Dolly.

Do you think animals can be evil like people? Suppose I buy a psychotic, anti-social bunny, and it sneaks out of its cage and tries to kill me in various ways. That would suck! I don’t think pet shops have a mental health checker for animals. I don’t want a bunny. I guess my chameleon could be evil too, but they move pretty slow, and it can’t capture me with its tongue and gobble me up; I’m too big. I think because bunnies are so cute, you wouldn’t expect them to be evil, but that’s precisely what they are counting on. “Psychopath! Bad Bunny! Bad! Stop trying to poison me!”

Image by Simona Robová from Pixabay

Matt’s MRI came back with no surprises – normal ear anatomy. This means we still don’t know why his hearing isn’t working. The doc said we could take a genetic test to see if he has the markers for deafness. 

I wonder sometimes if I think too much.  🎶 La de da 🎶

I got me a ninja outfit, but it’s more for dress-up than assassinations cause it’s yellow. Have you ever seen a serious ninja spy in a yellow suit? That’s what I thought! Serious ninja spies don’t wear anything but black.

My new nickname is Gigajolt. I know right!!! I love it too. Sylvia, the kangaroo, gave me that name. I had a friend named Sylvia in grade eight; she was in love with Corey Hart. Or maybe it was grade six.

Today is a glorious day – I finished my Teams/Asana presentation, got some great material online, and sent it to Jer for a quick once over. In thinking about my training info, I figure I shouldn’t have to rewrite what’s already out there. Asana has an extensive learning library, and I found a great Teams intro video on YouTube, plus Microsoft has some material too. Listen people! Don’t expect me to spoon-feed you; you’re grown! Feed yourself! Of course I am available to assist if you have questions, but I am not going to waste time re-doing what’s already done.

I started working on my Roadmap/Portfolio presentation and creating a prototype for everyone to see. A few weeks ago, our CA agreed that it might be a language barrier that’s preventing him from understanding Portfolio Management. Now, I am pairing Portfolio with Product Management (let’s hope I don’t lose him, and everyone else, again). Still, I feel like my explanation this time will be more practical than theoretical, and I will have an accompanying mockup to show. And I think I also have to make it crystal clear how this will benefit the organization. Words get in the way sometimes – concise and succinct!!! Concise and succinct!!!

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