Life and Me!

Mon Apr 12:

I had a B-Complex as soon as I woke up, then I had some coffee. Did not help. That’s stuff that’s in Red Bull – I don’t get it. Wings to the rescue!!!! My Hero! 

I could focus better enough to get shit done in the late morning and early afternoon. But still, by about 2:00 pm it was getting harder for me to think + I was getting sleepy – Even The Bull can’t fight Zacnaps. I was ready to go to bed around 3:00 pm. (slept from 4-7pm) I used my last hour and fifteen of work to clean up Confluence – I had to do it. It will bug me forever if I don’t … but I am not freaking out about missing or not transferring anything from Confluence to Teams/SharePoint because I likely will have to revise processes anyway – AND if I realize I’m missing anything, I know where to go to get it. So all I did was mark pages as archive – instead of having to read through the page first then decide if I want to transfer. I also made a list of the significant things I must be working on – Wanna hear? … Well, yr’ gonna!

  1. Cost Mgmt – EVM spreadsheet revision and easier way for me to gather info our CFO requests
  2. OKR Championing – Keeping my OKRs up to date and keeping everyone else on the proper cycle schedule
  3. SharePoint Reorg
  4. Portfolio and Roadmap Mgmt
    1. Finish roadmap book, presentation and accompanying mockup (Q2-Jun 2021)
    2. Develop an ad-hoc learning guide for myself
  5. BPM – Create a learning refresh guide
  6. PM Processes and Project Lead Guides
    1. Get caught up on ISO standards
    2. Update processes based on PMBOK 7 (Q4 2021/Q1 2022)

I still have to work out dates but I am happy with this list. Even if I only get a few hours in on each per week – these will have Brobdingnagian ROI for the organization so I won’t feel like I am doing waste work. I think 7:00 am to 3:00 pm is best for standard work hours and when I get up earlier I can start earlier. Keep in mind, I still need to see how the rest of the week goes. I just don’t want anyone to think that I am getting special treatment or that I am taking advantage of my boss’s kindness. Especially not my boss – that would suck – monumentously! 

Questions of the day: Can you die from caffeine poisoning? With FaceID, if someone holds my face up to my iPad while I’m sleeping will it still unlock? (it won’t I tested it, but I don’t know about if my eyes were forced open with toothpicks or an eye vise) Why is everything with Microsoft so damn complicated – #WhyMicrosoftWhy. Why can’t we have open-source vaccine formulas/recipes like how we have open-source software? How come countries have to hoard vaccines when they know their population size – can’t they include some kind of vaccine dosage contingency plan?

My morning pep talk to the brain didn’t work so between 5:45 – 6:42 am I don’t know how many times I chanted, “Samantha! Get up you sexy thing you!” I managed to get to my desk at 7:00 and by 7:08 I was working. 

PMBOK 7 date moved again – to Aug 1 now. While I was cleaning up OKRs I found a KR on ISO PM standards that I didn’t work on yet – turns out timing is perfect cause I would have wasted money on one of the previous standards since a new one came out this March (I think).

BTW – Glowbee was up to no good today (righteous high five) lol!!! AND … I made my eye exam appointment. Hmmm, I wonder what waiting room game I’m gonna play this time! I was gonna do Me Journal but my villagers are waiting for me, plus two hours later and I’m already ready to go back to bed. Grrrrrrr.

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