Life and Me!

Thu Apr 22:

Hello! Good morning. My get out of bed and dance song.

This morning: “Mom! Smell my face!”


“Common. Smell my face! Smell!” He inches closer. 

“Are you holding your breath!” I nod.

“Ass.” As he moves away I slap him and say, “Watch your mouth.”

Last week: André asked me to buy him beard stuff. 

“Mom! Can you get these for me. You can take the money out of my account.” He texts me the things he wants. Foaming Sandlewood Beard Wash and Beard Oil. I go to his room and take my last deep breath of fresh air before opening the door. “Why do you want this stuff?”

“It’s for my beard.”

“But you don’t have a beard. You just have some hair on your chin.”

“Really!? Why you gotta mention that tho!” I turn around to walk out.

“You’re gonna get it right?”

“I don’t think you need this right now.”

“Yes! It will help my beard grow!”

“Who says!?”


“Fine! It’s your money!”

I showed my boss Power BI and while I was talking to him about it he looked so bored and of course, I thought it was the most exciting thing ever. smh! lol! Dee doesn’t want me to get the AZ COVID vaccine, because of the chance of blood clots, but that’s the vaccine most of the clinics are giving out.

Me Journal Time …

  • Do you like live music? Yes or No
  • If no, list the top five concerts you would like to see, or wish you could have seen: (I feel like he is asking for concert names, which I don’t know, so I will list artist – mostly)
    • Woodstock
    • Led Zeppelin
    • Beyoncé
    • Wu-Tang Clan (I’m in love with RZA)
    • Max Korzh (I am also in love with him) + any other of my favourite Russian rappers
    • (If all Bad Boy artist from the 90s put on a concert, I’d go. Not for real though cause I don’t like live music)

Dee loves live music. She’s been to so many shows and currently has tickets to Rage Against the Machine concert in 2022, I think.

  • Something about human anatomy you’d change:
    • No bodily excretions from anywhere – from sex fluids to blood to sweat to ear wax to tears – NOTHING from NOWHERE!!!! All potential waste gets reused by running through your recycling lymphatic system and turns into stem cells and get distributed to the parts of your body that needs it – that means no disease cause we can self-repair. (cool right!) I haven’t figured out how we’d reproduce yet!

  • You like for your home to smell like?
    • Fruity Vanilla Musk

  • How long can you run flat out without stopping? (why you couldn’t ask me this question like two years ago – I would have been proud to answer then)
    • My top speed (like how I’d need to run for my life or when playing tag) = 30s – I wanna say a minute but I’d be lying. 😒
    • Cruisin’ = maybe 10 -13 minutes to run 1k (my last 12k run at average pace of 8’31” according to NRC was last year Jun 27 took me 1:42:45)

  • What color is the underwear you are currently wearing?
    • I am not wearing any. I don’t usually wear underwear at home. Like why?

  • Your Height? 5’3.75″
  • Height you’d like to be? 5’2″

  • You’d like to live to be this age: 120 – 150

  • If time travel were possible , would you visit the future or the past and why?
    • First I’d visit the past and spend some time as a bad ass gangsta Flapper Bitch, owner of a speakeasy in Chicago and partying with like minded folks.
    • Then I’d go to the future – far enough where I got my own place with a love dungeon (It sounds bad but it’s good).

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