I’m Leaving Tonight (CW11-2015)

I can’t stand her anymore! This is easy. One bag. Good to go. I look around my room for the last time.

I’m gonna miss my bed and my record player. Whenever my mom pissed me off, I would put on my Anita Baker album. Sweet Love! I’m gonna miss my white Lamborghini and my Porsche. Goodbye Aston Martin. I close the door as quietly as possible. Sneak down the side of the stairs, same as those detective shows (you shouldn’t walk in the middle because that’s where it creaks the most).

Made it to the front door. I look back, feeling sad and relieved, then lock the door behind me and take off running. Freedom! Inhaling the night air felt so good. I ran non-stop, thinking of everything and nothing in particular. Love is a Battlefield playing in my head. At the corner of Morningside and Kingston Road, I see my destination.

This donut shop was the place where truckers congregated before a long trip. Sometimes, they’d hang out before going home from a long trip, or you’d catch them taking a break from their journey. I am going to find my driver tonight; someone must be going out west. I have to make my way to Vancouver. My new life is in Vancouver.

Feature Photo Credit: @rutholiver via Twenty20

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