Boxing Before Bed

I did mitt drills with Dre earlier. My new bedtime workout; since he decided to go for boxing training again. And now … the moment you’ve been waiting for without further adieus, todos and what say yous …


Norval Morrisseau – Man Changing Into Thunderbird
Norval Morrisseau – The Great Flood
Christi Belcourt – The Wisdom of the Universe
When I hear of older people starting something new it makes me feel good (I can do it too!)

There was an exhibit called YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL LIKE THAT: Studio Photography in West and Central Africa it was difficult to take pics because they were all behind glass but I got one good one and viewing all the pictures just reminded me of a family photo from a previous post.

I managed to capture one without much reflection.
My Fam (Original Post)

Tomorrow I have a fracture clinic appointment – hopefully, it’s my last one.

Thu Apr 20, 2023

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