Journal Entry – Thu Nov 26

Matt made burgers for dinner!

My days are dull, and my nights are long. My dreams are still vivid but not as strong. Sometimes my mind makes 3D objects out of spaces. For example, there is a space between my curtain and bed that kinda looks like a triangle – this morning, when I opened my eyes, it looked like a massive peach pencil crayon, and I thought to myself, “how did that get there?” After a while, I saw the space for what it was.

I’ve been following the Adamson BBQ restaurant drama. I think the owner was arrested today, or maybe yesterday, for defying lockdown orders. Watching other people get in trouble doesn’t do it for me. I need to get into trouble myself! Raise my own hell! Wouldn’t it be neat to get prescriptions to release your pent up energy?

“Doc! I need to break shit!”

“What kinds of things would you like to break?”

“Faces! But I will settle for windows. Car windows. House windows. Maybe even the glass in rotating doors and storefront windows!”

“Here’s your prescription! You can pick up a baseball bat and crowbar from the pharmacy. Then just head off and have at it!”

“That’s it!? Thanks Doc!”

“By the way, walk with ID. If the cops or anyone else tries to stop you just show them your prescription to get a pass.”

                2020 Tantrum Trail - Suite 100
                  Repercussions Be Damned, ON
               Phone: ABOVEBOARD (226)832-6273

Date: November 26, 2020
Patient Name: Fred Startup


- One baseball bat, metal
- One crowbar
- One face shield
- One pair of protective gloves


Patient suffering from MAD (Must Abolish Doldrums) 
COVID Lockdown Syndrome (MCLS)

NOTE to Authorities: 
Free 48 hr prescription pass for Fred Startup 
to wreak havoc on areas of the city as he chooses, 
but only by breaking car, house and storefront 
windows. As well as the glass in rotating doors.

Start Date: 12:00 am Friday November 27, 2020
Valid To: 11:59 pm Saturday November 28, 2020

Signature: Dr. Leef Retteb

We accept new patients. Get a 25$ 
Amazon grift card with every referral.

Sigh! If only!

Reading is my thing, but I am restless. I need to DO something. Is this what it feels like to be stir crazy? Ugh! Anyway! I need something new and different – What exactly? I don’t know. (Hopefully, my trip to London will help.)

I’m gonna go set something on fire and watch it burn! That always makes me feel better.

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