Playtime and Punishment

In addition to saying, “That’s not in my budget!” I have another thing I thought of, “Is this gonna make me afraid to go on the scale in the morning?”

So far, they’re working, but the scale one is only a day old. I got a shit tonne a clothes in my closet that I can’t wear, I’m tired of it, and I refuse to buy anything else cause I’m gonna get back to my feel-good weight!

Also, I feel I might want to colour my hair jet black. Not sure yet though.

🎶 Close the door. Let me rub your back where you say it’s sore. Come on get closer and closer, so close to me. Let’s get lost in each other. I’ve waited all day long, just to hold you in my arms and it’s exactly like I thought it would be. Me lovin’ you, and you lovin’ me. Close the door, and let me blow your mind. Plenty good lovin’ all through the night. And then again and then again when the morning comes. Come here, woman! 🎶

Close the Door – Teddy Pendergrass

So … I was thinking I want a screen partition for my bedroom – and I ended up on Chairish. You have to check out their stuff. I feel like I can make my own partition though because in this case, I don’t want something too high.

My user story writing is rusty but I am working from after-the-fact info, not direct client interaction, but I have help. I got one for ya:

Given that I am a homeowner
When I turn on my tap in any room (or maybe just the kitchen)
Then the cocktail of my choice, which is whatever I am thinking about at the moment, should pour from the tap (with the appropriate glassware exiting first). 


And Now … A Word from our Sponsor:

Do you dream of conducting medieval torture on others just because?

Our next Medieval Executioner Certificate Program starts in June. Sign up now for your chance to win a full-sized working replica of The Brazen Bull, The Iron Maiden or The Scavenger’s Daughter. 

Worried about finding work after graduating? No need – we have an extensive partner program where internships and co-ops are available.

We also conduct seminars on Viking Torture Techniques, including The Fatal Walk and The Blood Eagle, our most popular.

At Playtime and Punishment we bring history to life – Making or ending your day in the process. 

Playtime and Punishment

Recently, I noticed it’s hard for me to tell past (I spelled “pass” and Grammarly corrected me), present and future tense when writing. 

If I don’t get distracted, I should be able to post my microburst today.

FYI: After the rain, I hate seeing crushed worms on the pavement. Gross! When are they gonna learn!

Tue Apr 26, 2022

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