Journal Entry – Thu Nov 12

🎶 Hello! I love you won’t you tell me your name. 🎶 (The Doors)

Damn! Woke up with aches in my stomach and head, accompanied by a general feeling of ickiness. I had meetings in the morning, so I sent my boss a text to let him know I felt like crap and booked the afternoon off. If I didn’t have meetings, I would have taken the day.

The highlights: During the first go at our 1:1 session, I laughed my head off while watching my boss eat his extremely spicy Korean cup of saucy rice cakes. At the same time, he was saying stupid shit that made me laugh even more. We made plans to meet again later. By the time I got off the call, my head was hurting worse. 

Dee heard me laughing and said, I don’t know anyone who has that much fun at work! Blessed with good fortune, I am!

🎶 Hey hey, we’re The Monkees and people say we monkey around. 🎶

No more monkeys jumping on the bed! 🙂 Would you rather be an orangutan or a gorilla? Yes! I know they’re apes. Just answer the question!

Soon after our call, I sent him a text that I’m gonna lie down – I felt worse than burnt hair smells, and I had the chills for a bit. When he got back to me, we met for round two of our 1:1. I received several compliments about me AND my work, but most importantly, I received a critique on having a more authoritative voice. 

Now I will be reflecting on when and why I speak with authority sometimes and not alltimes (I think it has to do with how confident/competent I feel with the knowledge I have on the subject). He said he’s sure it’s there when I talk to the boys, and there are times when I am facilitating meetings that it comes out too. 

I have to search for a leadership course that addresses having that commanding presence when speaking.

I hope you had an acheless day, filled with shared laughter and compliments. I’m fading out to my dreamself. 😴 Talk to you tomorrow.

Feature Photo Credit: Free-Photos from Pixabay

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