Realizations and Revisions

Slowly my moves are returning – I was able to dance, ever so carefully, while brushing my teeth this morning. But I still plan on going to my physio appointment tomorrow

A minor, but possibly major financial, revision to my European trip. 

  1. Italy
  2. France:
    1. Paris
    2. The cities my coworkers live in
    3. All the small towns and historic places and museums, etc.
  3. Spain
  4. Morocco
  5. Home

I am sure this is going to be very expensive. I am willing to forego the fancy stays and eats, but I wanna be comfortable. And I still would like France to be my last stop. Grrr! Oh, and I also need a chaperone because I can sometimes be credulous. That! and my impulsiveness are a terrible combination. And too, I can be easily hypnotized like the Manchurian Candidate. 

“Is this samantha? samantha williams?” (sometimes I like my name in all lowercase – I am still a person, place and thing.)

When travelling, I probably shouldn’t give anyone my phone number. Or my real name. Hmmm. I should probably also wear soundproof earplugs the whole time. AND I should also wear light-refracting glasses so the MIBs can’t make me forget things! (Do you remember Mr. Magoo?)

Great! This is gonna mess up my entire trip! I should stay home!



The other day I was coming home from work, and I had an awful thought on the ride up to my apartment; What if I don’t live to have my sexy Moroccan Bohemian Love Nest. What if I don’t get to see all the places I wanna see and do all the things I wanna do and have the kind of love that endures?

Several days later, the thought of that thought still haunted me. Have I become so attached to living my life once the boys are gone that the thought of not getting there is scary? Then I realized via convo with self …

“Why do I have to wait for my Boroccan Mohemian Love Nest?”

“I don’t!”

“Soooo! I’m not gonna!”


“Of course – in the process of transforming, I promise not to go crazy buying shit. But I can get started now! I don’t have to wait! I have a big ass bedroom with a walk-in closet, I will start t/here.”

It’s me! Sam!
My Superhero Sex Suit & Lightning Bolts of Love

What are you look forwarding to that you could do right now but think you can’t? It has to be your thing!


I’m happy to be rereading this book.

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. - William Bruce Cameron
And remember: If you want maximum artistic freedom, keep your overhead low. A free creative life is not about living within your means. It's about living below your means. 

Do what you love + low overhead = a good life.
Do what you love + I deserve nice things = a time bomb.

Money is not the only measurement that can corrupt your creative practice. Digitizing your work and sharing it is subject to the world of online metrics: website visits, likes, favourites, shares, reblogs, retweets, follower counts, and more ... when you ignore quantitative measures for a bit, you can focus on what the work does that can't be measured. What it does for your soul.

And speaking of rereading books … I’ve been organizing my books to find what I need for quick reference or to reread. I have a bunch of business books that I think it’s time for me to release into the wild. Some I got from ex-bosses, some I can’t remember and my PMI/project management-related books either came from courses or direct purchases. I don’t think I need any of them now. However, I will keep my university books.

For Keeps!

Yep! I think I am ready to release a few books, but I don’t have to do it today.

Thu Oct 13, 2022

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