Cold and Wet

🎶 It’s a nice day for a white wedding. 🎶

No! No, it’s not Billy! Have you seen outside!?

Evening wake-up song …


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday love
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday love

When I think about you
My feelings can’t explain
Why after all this time
My heart still feels pain

When I look at you
Memories of love
Like no one before
You stay on my mind


Saturday Love by Cherrelle + Alexander O’Neal

Tomorrow is the Second City Student Orientation – I almost missed the email. Dee reminded me to put the AGO pass in my virtual pocketbook and when looking for it I encountered the email. Hooray!!! We get an overview presentation, pizza lunch, a tour of the new space and an adults-only improv jam in the John Candy theatre which sounds like an unholy orgy to me cause I’m pretty sure John Candy is dead and he didn’t go to heaven. I’m not gonna stay for that improv jam session … unless …

Yesterday Dee and I went to the Barbershop/Gift Shop – Barbershop in the front, a dark cozy bar in the back. The menu changes every quarter (with the seasons). Dee’s been there before but this was my first time. After spending an hour there we stopped in at Hanmoto, Mahjong Bar (another hideaway bar) and maybe Oddseoul – I’m not sure, I was just following Dee’s lead. I totally recommend the Gift Shop!

I love places where the light is dim

If you can be a foodie, can you also be a drinkie or are you just an alcoholic?

Now if you’ll excuse me. I gotta go do my laundry and get shit together for tomorrow! I’m so excited!

Sat Apr 29, 2023

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