Hello, Bum Bum!

Bum Bum is a term of endearment, in case you didn’t know.

I went to the gym with Dre – we did shoulders and arms and before that, we did mitt drills. He could be a personal trainer.

Tomorrow morning Dad is leaving. I’m gonna take my first meeting at home then head to the office. Today I spent part of the day writing down all the stuff I am currently doing and the stuff I want to do, even stuff I started and didn’t finish.

There are about ten things on the list. The next step is to make sure I got everything covered then prioritize the list and just focus on three items. You know writing and drawing is gon’ be in the three. Are five things too much to focus on?

If I told you I didn’t have enough time in the day to do all I wanna do it’d be a lie.

Dad suggested we do something this year for my fiftieth birthday (he’s gonna be 72 – both our birthdays are in December). I remember years ago I saw this once-in-a-lifetime gift company where you could buy, for example, a thirty-minute F1 driving session (I might be making that up, it coulda been Nascar or something, but I love F1.)

Could you imagine me driving an F1 car yo? I’d never stop talking about that shit! They also had lots of other crazy cool gifts – Ima try to find a company that does that sorta thing.

When I find it and decide what I want to do, I will tell you. Do you remember that time I ran away to stunt driving school cause I wanted to drive stunt cars in movies?

My shoulders and traps were screaming mad loud they woke me up last night. It was so painful and I’m wondering WTF! Why! Then I remembered the mitt drills; because we probably were going at it for 15 to 20 minutes. I went and got the Voltaren – applied that, applied heat then finally took cold meds with Tylenol in it – cause I couldn’t find my Advil. I was up and in pain for almost two hours. OMG!

BTW: I still love watching the rats eat. I just love how they hold their food, lick their fingers and wipe their faces after.

Don’t forget to play with your wild things before bed!

Mon Apr 24, 2023

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