One Down

Zoey did a bunny flop today, and I was there for the whole thing. Have you watched any Christmas movies yet? I saw Planes, Trains and Automobiles (198x) technically, it’s a Thanksgiving movie, but it’s so good. And a new Christmas movie, I’m adding to my list is The Hip Hop Nutcracker

Organizations cannot change
until their people change
in both tangible and emotional ways

(I need to remember that!)

Transformation Building Blocks module

Guess what!!! I am officially tired of the word “transform” in all its forms. But not of the process. This is our last course conversation, but I will still inform you of my transformation from caterpillar to swan. Swan to an eagle. Eagle to a Capricorn mountain goat. To a … And it’s a good time to have enough of the word too – cause I pass my test today – Two days ahead of schedule! Hooray!


All they tell me is that I passed, but I don’t get to see by how much – I’d like to see which questions I got wrong if any – cause I’m smart like that! They do the same for the PMP exam.

If anybody says “trans,” anything to me,
my right foot will connect with their face …

Then I’ll get charged with a hate crime!

Did you know those make-your-own-soda coke machines incorporate AI? Coke-Ah-Cola uses that data to bring new flavours to market. Have you noticed different flavours on shelves?

Do you know why some people and organizations shy away from being transparent? It was explained to me the other day, and I believe I understood the explanation, but I think transparency is a beautiful thing because when you are open to scrutiny, you can only get better. Plus, you don’t have to action all the feedback you’re given, but you should listen, stay open to learning and trying various techniques. 

At first, I was comparing it to how I despise people watching me work, but transparency is different – it’s about accountability, which sometimes puts your mistakes on stage if front of thousands/millions or just a few (all terrifying). BUT! It matters who’s watching, right? If you make a mistake, but the people watching don’t know better, they can’t call you on it. 

Metaphor time … (or analogy?). You’re playing a game, and the ref sucks; maybe he’s drunk or got paid. The other team’s doing all types a shit and getting away with it, but you know it’s not right cause the rules supposed to be the same for both sides. And your fans are all pissed, but they can’t do anything cause the ref makes the calls. 

You’re on this wide-open field, playing for the world to see, but the game is rigged (hmmm. I feel this example isn’t working, but Imma keep going). You got all these people watching, but it doesn’t matter because somebody on the inside paid the ref. 


When The Blue Evening Slowly Falls by Frank Bramley

She must be a poet!

Moral: Openness requires fundamental change, which necessitates firing people and finding new, better ways of doing things and sometimes you gotta experiment to get there (what they call failing/learning fast). All of this makes people uncomfortable. But, you gotta get uncomfortable bitch! It’s the only way to grow!

I know, cause it’s still easier for me to eat too much and not move enough! It’s easy for me to skip the scale in the morning, pretending like I forgot. It’s easy for me to spend too much; to go outside and get chips and ice cream and soda. (I’m over gummy bears). But when that discipline comes, and I finish a 1hr workout, and/or walk away from temptations – when I wake up in the morning, it feels so so good. So good!

But sometimes … that elephant throws a tantrum or has me in a guillotine choke because it wants pizza. Cinnabon or shoes. But I can’t quit! And more often than before, I feel I have the resources, and discipline (it’s getting better) to reach my goals. My drive and motivation don’t work on my most problematic problems.

I saw a commercial for The Bachelor, and one of the contestants, while crying, said, “I was looking for love, and all I found is drama!” Really bitch! So why the fuck are you on a reality show!

Thu Dec 08, 2022

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