Journal Entry – Sun Dec 13

I thought it was Monday when I woke up this morning – TGIS!!! My afternoon dream was about playing hide and seek in a hotel and riding the elevators to getting off at random floors for no reason. Sometimes I’d get off on the same floor as a guest and push past them to get out of the elevator first 🙂 I was playing this game with people I didn’t know, and on one floor, there was a dark red leather sofa right in front of the elevator door – you had to jump over it to get out.

When I woke up in my dream, there were two shot glasses of Grand Marnier on the nightstand, I guess I forgot to drink it the night before, so I downed them and got back to playing hide and seek.

I didn’t do a good job of tracking my stories and random rants in the journal entries – It’s gonna take some time for me to track them all down but I decided to call the post Story Collection: Micro Flash Fiction + Random Thoughts – Random thoughts count as stories right?

I didn’t finish the rose – Supposed to add a leaf on the left and more thorns. Those things in the back are flags

I love flowers so I have to get good at drawing them! If roses saw this picture they’d say, “Why! You little shit! That doesn’t even look like us!”

Did you know that the symptoms of ADHD in girls/women are very different from boys/men? This means “females” are misdiagnosed or undiagnosed altogether. I learned that from Sarah yesterday!

Remember I told you how I forget birthdays – even my children. My ex would get so mad at me (or frustrated) for forgetting his birthday and our first whatever! I think it’s not until recently that he’s accepted my forgetfulness. I’ve tried setting calendar reminders – they don’t work. I usually sense that something is approaching (sometimes I remember what it is. Other times I don’t) but on the day of, I almost always forget!

Earlier this year my ex sent me a text: 

Don’t forget your daughter’s birthday!

LMAO – OMG, I actually forgot. André just reminded me. Thank you. You’re amazing

The year before on my birthday:

Hey even though you don’t like me, haven’t remembered my birthday in 18 years and never return my calls or messages I still want to wish you a very happy birthday 😁 Hope you have a great day

This year I sent him a text on Nov 30 – his birthday is December 17:

… Before I forget … Happy birthday, Merry Christmas n Happy New Year!

Lol you’re too funny. I’ll take the greetings when I can get it but I will still remember yours on the 27th

My brother’s been calling me, and I haven’t been answering. Again! For a while now! He probably called dad and complained cause Dad called me but I didn’t feel like talking. I messaged him eleven days later in response to a pic of my brother:

Awwwwww 🤗

😳😳 You ARE alive 🤗😘

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