Journal Entry – Thu Oct 15

The next time The Man comes down from the moon, I will invite him over for fresh-baked moon pies. He will love them so much, he’ll want me to make more for him to take home to his family, but I won’t feel like it. As a compromise, he will ask me to share the recipe with him, but I can’t cause it’s a family secret, and “anyway,” I tell him, “you’ll never be able to find the ingredients on the moon.” We’ll get into a huge argument. He’ll say, “you don’t need to worry about how I’ll get the ingredients.”

“Dude! It’s a secret family recipe. I cannot gi …”

Then, before I know what’s happening, he has me in a chokehold and stuffs me in his suitcase. Back on the moon, I’ll be forced to bake moon pies forever. Hopefully, I will still be able to write and let you know how I’m doing.

Hmmm … maybe I shouldn’t invite The Man over.

I slept for almost four hours today. I have a pack of gummy bears sitting on my bookshelf since yesterday. I am challenging myself to see how long I can resist the urge to eat them. If we are what we think about eating the most, then I am a pizza-loving bubble tea gummy bear inside and out 🙂 Mmmmm Sugar Mama! Sometimes I snack on German salami and cucumbers, but I snack on bubble tea and gummy bears more often than I should. 😦

Besides minding what you feed your body, it is essential to watch what you feed your mind. What are you consuming? I need to read more non-business books.

Our IT guy installed the Confluence plugin for Asana – So far it looks like I can only embed project task, but I really want everyone to view the project dashboard and the status updates – I will have to check with him tomorrow to see if that is possible. My boss is taking the lessons learned session from the FR project seriously. I am very happy – I have a follow-up with him next week on next steps.

I am consistently inconsistent. Which makes me predictably unpredictable. But I think, over time, my inconsistencies become consistent, which makes my unpredictability predictable. I Am

Century Gothic used to be my favourite font. Now I’m in love with Corbel and Candara.

Feature Photo Credit: @kobkit.j via Twenty20

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