Apr 17 – Journal Entry

Hello! Work was maddingly hectic. All I could do was share one of my favourite poems for the Discover Prompt. I spend like an hour looking for The Prophet – finally decided to look online and found the poem I wanted lickety-split. 

A project is off the rails, and I think we’re going to crash and burn and die – like Unbreakable. The PM is on mat leave. I spent 3/4 of the day trying to get a sense of where we are, documenting requirements and getting an earful from Dev. I have a headache and my eyes are burning. Spreadsheets. Ugh! 

Onto the good stuff … I love Japan. I am saving to go there in 2021 and should know how to speak Japanese by then. I know it has its dark side, but we all do. I am focusing on the light! I bought myself a book on Japan from Monocle – I also subscribe to their exquisite magazines. 

After such a long day, the book came at the perfect time. I also got a pair of shoes from Aldo. They are not mine. The shoe lady has the same name as me. I opened the package and was surprised to see a shoebox – someone messed up. Her number is on the slip, maybe I will call her tomorrow.

Yes! About my book. The Monocle Book of Japan came wrapped in white tissue paper with a little Monocle sticker holding the paper together. I didn’t remove the plastic-wrap yet. I’m over the moon with joy. I want to savour my excitement. BRB πŸ™‚

I’ve re-wrapped it, put it back in the box – looks like a brand new package. I will delight in the experience all over again tomorrow. πŸ™‚ I should make an unboxing video.

One day I will have a Japanese style cottage/tea house in my backyard!

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