No Littering

I’m 110 pounds of muscle. The rest? All brain baby!!! My VO2 Max went up.

I can remember stories. Those things my mama said, she told me fairy tales before I went to bed. He’d ride up on his horse and take me away one night. I’d be so happy with him; we’d ride clear out of sight.

She never said that we would curse, cry and scream and lie. She never said that maybe, one day he’d say goodbye. The story ends, as stories do. Reality steps into view. No longer living life in paradise. No more fairy tales

Fairy Tales – Anita Baker

I go to bed. Me have to be in the office tomorrow – Work then Townhall then Lunch then More Work. Yay! I saw the Boxer today ❤️‍🔥 He said my name three times. I’m in love!

Source: DailyArt – The Study of A Student – Laura Wheeler Waring

Oh. Almost forgot. There is a human who litters on my floor. Grrrrrrrrr. I will stuff an equivalent amount of garbage down their throat and watch them suffocate to death when I catch them. I’m a fuck you up. Permanently.

This weekend I will equip my collapsible 2×4 with a taser and the Gungnir I received as a gift from Odin. AND as always, I will be armed with my trusty Axe Hammer of Truth. Come at me Brah!

I got ice in my veins. Blood in my eyes. Hate in my heart. Love on my mind. I seen nights full a pain, days are the same. You keep the sunshine, save me the rain.

I’ma pick the world up and I’ma drop it on yr fuckin’ head. Yeah. I’ma pick the world up and I’ma drop it on yr fuckin’ head. I could die now. Rebirth muthafucka. Hop up in my spaceship and leave earth muthafucka. I’m gone. I’m gone.

Drop the World – Lil Wayne

I don’t have a spaceship but I have a busted time travel machine. I could use the parts to make a spaceship no? Am I allergic to this weed? Is that what’s making me sneeze? In writing this sonnet, I’ve been thinking about my all-time favourite poem it is …

I love it because it’s fantasy. I love dreaming up crazy shit. OK … I love all my fantasy-type poems.

Good night!

Mon Mar 14, 2022

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