Journal Entry – Fri Oct 23

I watched Malasaña 32 (2020) Spanish haunted house movie. You should watch Sleep Tight (2013); it’s disturbing and unsettling but well done. I saw it a few years back. Now it’s on Shudder. Six new episodes of Unsolved Mysteries have been added to Netflix – I’m gonna watch all of them tonight. 

I was so unmotivated today – I spent a bunch of my time looking for info and thinking about how to organize my PM Job Aids. I didn’t get any actual work done. I’m gonna have to work this weekend. 

I got a letter from André’s school about his attendance (or absence). He’s gonna be referred to the Attendance Counsellor. I don’t see the point. That didn’t work last year or the year before – why is it going to work now – André hasn’t changed. Nine Months to his 18th birthday. 

Just when I thought it was over between Carl and me – I get a request to play a new game of Scrabble and a text – I didn’t read the text yet, and I didn’t accept or decline the game – everything’s just sitting there.

Last Christmas, I decided to do a DNA test. I choose 23andMe because they also do a health profile to check for genetic variants and traits. For example, I likely cannot smell asparagus (I don’t know). My earlobes are likely to be detached (they are). I’m less likely to get dandruff (that’s true), and I am more likely than average to be afraid of heights (I’m terrified) – I will never, ever stand on the glass floor in the CN Tower. Ever!

I really love how thorough the 23andMe info is – There are 103 reports on Health and Traits alone. It’s fascinating that all this info can come from my DNA – Unlike Kendrick, I do not have a cocaine quarter piece or war and peace in my DNA – Well, it’s not on my report, so maybe they haven’t found it yet. They are always updating their algorithm, so you never know. But I am That Bitch, like Lizzo (Truth Hurts).

They didn’t detect BRCA1 (although I have it). They said there are more than 1000 variants of BRCA1/BRCA2 – and they don’t test for all of them.

I am going to tell you a secret that lingers in the back of my mind. My mom was dark skin, but her hair was straight (like Asian straight), and I don’t see where she could have gotten that from when I look at my DNA – Suppose I am not my mother’s daughter? Maybe that’s why she hated me. And I genuinely feel like she did. I feel like I am my father’s daughter, but what if my mom wasn’t my mom?

89% Sub-Saharan African (Mom’s side):

  • 51% Nigerian (this makes me happy, I have to cook the food and watch more Nigerian movies – this should be fun, they have a booming film industry (Nollywood – this is controversial term, but not sure why))
  • 30.4% Ghanaian, Liberian & Sierra Leonean
  • The rest is small percentages of East African and broadly West African (whatever that means)

10.6% European (Dad’s side):

  • 9.4% British and Irish
  • The rest is a combo of Eastern European, Ashkenazi Jewish and broadly European.

Then they give you information to explore your ancestry – I have a lot to learn. You also get an ancestry timeline that tells you how many generations back each population goes. 

There is 0.1% of my DNA that’s unassigned – meaning I’m part alien (outta this world 🙂 ) – They say that this is because my DNA comes from multiple continents. There’s so much info,

  • Maternal and Paternal Haplogroups (trace the women and men back 150’000 to 275’000 years)
  • I have 1500 distant relatives on the app so far (second + cousins)
  • Neanderthal DNA (~ 2%):
    • I’m more likely to sweat during workouts (true)
    • I experience more itchy mosquito bites (curses)
    • I’m less likely to sneeze after eating dark chocolate (I don’t like dark chocolate)
  • Wellness/Health and Traits:
    • Likely intolerant to lactose (true)
    • I move more than average when sleeping (don’t know)
    • My muscle composition is common in elite power athletes (this makes me happy)
    • I have one variant for chronic kidney disease and
    • One variant for slightly increased risk for late-onset Alzheimer’s Disease (I think I have it already, I’m very forgetful)

Feature Photo Credit: @tampatra via Twenty20

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