Evens Over Odds

I am forty-nine today. Into odd numbers, I am not. So! Instead! I will be fifty and after that fifty-two and so on. Technically though, I am about seven. Maybe five. But I am not Snow White.

I’d liked to have gone to a used bookstore for my birthday but alas, I stayed home mostly. Dee came by in the evening, took me and the boys out for dinner then we came back to my place to Just Dance 2023. Do you think J.P. Morgan read every book in his library? I was reading about the importance of having a mentor – work-related of course but also for creative things as well.

A resolution of sorts … For 2023 I will get out and be more social. OMG! I am dreading it already. Let’s call it an evolution instead. Usually, I don’t wait until NYEs to make resolutions and if I need one I can make it at any point throughout the year.

  • In 2022, I:
    • started learning about organizational and personal transformations
    • got serious about data analysis, machine learning and AI.
    • wrote twenty-three sonnets, my first was published Nov 2021.
    • started expanding the things I write about (i.e. Flag and Pregnant w/ Dee. Two poems I am extremely proud of)
    • still have a long way to go with drawing 😦
Christmas Tree at Don Mills Shops

It is more important for me to love myself than for anyone else to like me.
To infinity.

sam v 5.0
  • For 2023, I will:
    • do more non-fiction writing via poems of course, but also essays, prose and short stories. Maybe even an epic, although … I don’t know if I have the attention span for it.
    • search for objective truths and always reference my sources APA or MLA style 🙂
    • remain open to criticism, a change in course and new adventures, even ones involving people I don’t know.
    • target hypocrisy (while remaining paranoid wondering if I am a hypocrite, plus I hope to have people around who can check and aren’t afraid to call me on my bullshit).
    • continue using my superpowers to make people laugh and think/rethink
    • never let fear influence what I do or don’t.
Apple Pie Cake @ JOEY

Yesterday, while sitting on the toilet doing a number 9, I realized, if a person believes they are right about something there is no reason for them to question whatever that thing is? Especially if surrounded by people who think the same. How do you know when to question your beliefs?

Happy Birthday to me!

Tue Dec 27, 2022

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