Money Goals

At some point today, I realized that when I make goals for myself, I must factor in my bipolarity and borderlinity. At least in the last year or two, I’ve come to understand that when things look different to me, it’s not because people and circumstances have changed; it’s because my outlook has.

I should probably add six months, even a year, to my initial timeframes. This sucks – when I started taking Prozac, I thought it would be my magic pill and everything would go away. That’s not how it works; it just serves to lessen the intensity of whatever I am going through. That’s what I’ve noticed. AND I haven’t even been seeing my therapist. Therapy! Who needs it!

I’ve learned that I cannot handle everything on my own, but I still try.

When my friends call me anti-social it bugs me, I sometimes feel anti-social but I am not anti-social.

Something is wrong with my friggin’ Whatapp notifications. Everything is turned on in the app, but I am not getting any push alerts. I Googled, but the solution isn’t working for me.

Charcoal and pencil (you’re only seeing the pencil because I drew on the wrong layer)

In the process of organizing my financial life, I’m going back to my old bank. I spended part of the day looking for my This is Not A Budget book. (I think that’s the name. I’ll know it when I see it). Instead, I found many books from my university days, including Franz Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth and Black Skin, White Masks, and Soren Kierkegaard Fear and Trembling. I also found poetry books, writing books, running books, project management books, critical thinking books, and books on ethics but no budget book.

Here’s hoping I get better this time around.

Sam v Money

Round 973’485’769

You know what they say, “The billionth time’s a charm.” I’m almost there.


I have to go to the office tomorrow and it is supposed to rain all the live-long day. I hate being outside in inclement weather – raining, snowing, winding, freezing, broiling. I just like dry, sunny, not to humid days.

Have a good night!

Mon Feb 21, 2022

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