Journal Entry – Tue Dec 15

I am insanely tired and my laptop is moving soooooo slow, I’m gonna fall asleep before I finish this post! All day, I’m waiting so long for pages to load that I’m forgetting what I was going to do from one moment to the next! Is this the future of computing? SlowG.

I’ve read that the more people you add to the network, the slower it becomes. For example, if you have a four-lane highway and there’s a traffic jam every day, you either have to add more lanes or reduce the number of vehicles on the road – I think telecommunications works the same way (I think).

I got kudos from my boss during our OKR planning session – He told everyone I’m more organized than he is. He’s grateful for all the work I put into getting us going with OKRs. PLUS, he told everyone I’m responsible for the OKR process, and he is accountable. Good thing you weren’t nearby – you would have been blinded by the light! I feel warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

Dee got a bonus from her boss to pay off the last 1000$ of her student loan. I got pissed off with my iPad and didn’t draw today (lately the stupid thing just shuts down without warning and I was in the middle of creating my bouquet of roses – I might get myself a Moleskin for doodling!

I have to get a sign that says, No Shirt, No Food Dude! André loves to come to dinner topless. Nobody wants to see your ripped-ed-ness! 

Finland is the happiest country on earth, according to the World Happiness Report! Did you know that Jeep makes eBikes?

Chirps makes cricket chips 🙂 Or you could eat hickory smoked farm-raised Cricket Bites. I’m willing to try it!

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